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Шiηɡεδ яaıиɞøw sкιттʟe “Gengyen” zebɾɑ llαмα ʊиικфяп
Discord | Gengyen#5746
Discord | Gengyen#5746


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P⃠R⃠O⃠F⃠I⃠L⃠E⃠ I⃠N⃠T⃠R⃠O⃠

нεʟʟø ~
That's basically all you need to hear but in case you're bored I'm going to ramble as much as I can
To make up for my previous and vvv shitty pinned post

If I'm not following you there isn't much to see here. I used to roleplay until August so I guess you can see my old openers and profiles?
Yeah so
If I do know you
Go ahead and follow me, I'll follow you back

Now after that what would you see?
∅ A ton of shit posts - like random random stuff
∅ Fandom things
∅ My art
∅ And well you can just go see my collections
Reader discretion is advised because I'm not always careful with words; I mean, sometimes I can fangirl at an extreme level...
And sometimes I post triggering stuff like jokes that are plane wrong - if you catch my drift.
And my public collection, ᒪE ᔕᗩᔕᔕ ᗷO᙭, has a ton of swears and insults, the deeper you scroll :^)

Yes I'm dirty minded.
As Acius Aratius ( +Ace Aʀαтɨα // Sιη σf Ɯяαтн​ ) puts it; "Heck, she gives the term female pervert five new dimensions."
Did I remember it right? I have to check...
Plus, as my nickname states, ᏚᏆN ᎾF ᏞᏌᏚᎢ

I'm universally known as Gen
And well I'm a girl but if anyone asks, I'm a winged rainbow skittle unicorn zebra llama pegasus, not in that order, and no Pauaj ( +• Tнe Alρнα Mαle •​ ) not as big of a gang bang as you thought xD
I don't see why gender is so vast now
I'm just
A girl ok
Occasionally tomboyish? Sometimes not? I don't care and I'm not going to call it genderfluid -
I'm a she and it would be unusual though not offensive if I were referred to as he
I remember when people thought I was a guy
But to me "Gen-" will always be a feminine nickname.
Sexuality? Well if at all I can see myself ending up with a boi so I think that's straight.
However, 90% of the crushes I've had are on guys that don't exist, and for good reason.
Let's just go with Zensexual :^)
That's a thing only for me
Where do I live? Uranus.
Wherever on earth I am, it's not America cough Ace cough

More shiete about me
Last I checked I was fifteen
And my personality is kinda undeterminable
I just like being weird and random
Sometimes I spout nonsense and other times I can be pretty serious
But overall I'm considerably smart and erm phisophical? I can write a lot on certain, almost any topic. And I wonder a lot. Too much. But it's fun and I've nothing better to do
I don't really talk much without some topic though
Unless it's with Jyen ( +Jennifer Selvan​ ) or the mental representations of my alts. And unless I'm "high"
Though I have never touched drugs nor alcohol in my life, which I'm fine with but I am kind of curious like how is it so addictive? Smoking too
An I an ambivert? Isn't that between introverted and extroverted? I'm not exactly either so idk
I can often be a good motivator, as Mika Mandarin ( +Mikjagger Queen of Diamonds​ ) has mentioned and Mr. Logan ( +Logan Estes​ ) has seconded.
It's safe to say I'm pretty f/punny
I like puns
And trolling / roasting people, particularly +cєlєѕtínє rєvєríє
Did I mention I love giving nicknames? You are a friend of mine if I have given you a unique nickname.
Like Bluvia +Luvia Moon
And Strangel +Angel Maristela
Ok those are a bit obvious
But Mika Mandarin is a pun - because Mikan in Japanese means mandarin.

I like fandoms too
∅ My favorite music group would be BTS. Honestly, I generally dislike kpop. But I'll spare you the paragraph on this point for until you ask. I thought I was the only ARMY member from SQUAD until I noticed +Ɓαєρѕαє​ whom I have yet to give a nickname - remind me on the chat later >~> After that I found more SQUADie ARMYs :D
∅ MM. If you don't know what that stands for, it's ok. Zenismylifetho
∅ I'm also in the Fandoms of the collections I have, obviously. Nothing else is coming to mind right now. The above two are what I'm presently crazy about.
∅ I also listen to other bands though. I've all the songs of Breaking Benjamin; I've been learning the tabs to Skillet songs; attempting to cover Three Days Grace idk Adam Gontier's manner of speech seems easier to imitate
I used to listen to Bring Me the Horizon. That phase came and went in August, leaving a lot of attached memories of angst.
Like "Don't Go"; basically me to my dead bunnies ugh.
Ah pets - I have a rabbit, pending adoption, and a kitten named Doreo.
I play Bakery Story. Just throwing that in.

I'm pretty good at english? That's not worth mentioning.
I very roughtly know Bengali since my closest friends use that ;-;
French? no thank you
I'm learning Korean so I'm kinda good at that now. Just the basics though. Like 나넌 석워를 솧아해요
I don't know if I spelt that right, FancyKey doesn't have autocorrect for Korean .-.
I was learning Japanese. But oh god I will not even try to learn those characters. I just know Hiragana and Katakana and that's all I ever will know.
And I'm learning to play the guitar

Uh what else
Food? ... Sure.
Coffee is cool? So is leaf water but when was the last time I drank tea though xD
@EthTheLeafWaterPreacher +Ethan Cooke
I should stop now

Regarding my art
I don't think I have posted much
I use Autodesk Sketchbook and Autodesk Pixlr to edit them. My profile picture is an example. I drew it, gave multiple exposures, three frames, etc. Pixlr has many options.
I guess I sort of do art requests. I've only gotten one before. And that was on my other account -

+Harlεψ Quïηη​ is my alt btw

Yea if you want I can attempt to draw an OC of yours
But please note I am not used to drawing masculine figures because my initial drawing practices were first based off of Winx Club
Twelve years ago

Half of the people I'm following are people I only roleplayed with once
The other half are great roleplayers too + they're also my friends because I've talked to them outside roleplays xD
Mainly SQUAD
Which consists of the people I have tagged above along with about 30 other people? Hey I can't remember every member ok-
But I do remember a few of my regular spammers ;u;
+MikaYuu Lord
+тιny тyranт
+Sayahn Mudd
+Wade W. Wιlson • Deαdρool
+I need to check my notifs

Someday I might write those little paragraphs about my SQUADdies
But this is long enough already
If I haven't tagged you, I will when I get back to this
On the bright side I saved your time, so -

Ok thank you for reading this if you did
have some art and
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well g+ is shutting down
Not sure if hangouts will too
Reminds me of the hangouts shutting down scare in 2016
good times
I do miss all of you here so if any of you have discord just add me and dm anytime
Or just join my server which is dead but least you'll be there Gengyen#5746
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More edits
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I think I'm just gonna keep drawing casually
Kinda tired myself out with requests and expectations lol
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Welp seems like I really am the only mod alive. The others have been offline for weeks and weeks -
Unfortunately, the original owner of the community (Khris) wasn't promoted back on her new account meaning I'm now just stuck as mod. She's still online, just doesn't really check in much.
So if I were promoted to owner I could've promoted a few others to mod.
Yeah, basically I'm taking over the place since no one else is there
For now, just tag me in profiles, keep making open roleplays, and share this community around!
If I can manage to promote others (I'm looking for alts of the owners they might be using) we'll bring back prom and all that

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More pfp edits uwu
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Who wants to join the nut cult and be a nut holder
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I guess it is an accomplishment that I went from that to this in 5 months
rip Gen's digital art lyfe
Nov 2k16 to March 2k17
Because after seeing much more detailed and amazing work, just as with writing, I realized
It's good but with competition like that, not good enough
I've joined multiple contests and not even runner up smh
I have 2 requests left but due to lack of motivation and so much procrastination I don't think I'll be doing them anymore
I apologize for that :v
But yep
time to officially proclaim another short lived hobby

D e d
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tmw you can't get posters so you print your art out instead
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