AR + Authorship + Author Rank is not an Exact Science • Not Yet Anyway

A few weeks ago I was doing some recon for a client to ID his top socials. I did an "exact match" for both his full name and business name to see what Google results would come back in the SERP's and all was as it should be.

Out of curiosity I did the same search on my full name and business name and discovered that Google had replaced the on my Vimeo profile with that of Joost from Yoast (see image 1)

I asked the master of AR (aka) +Mark Traphagen how this molestation could occur and I'm not sure the reply was 100% on the mark (no pun intended)

A couple minutes ago (2-10-13) I ran the same search (see image 2) my point is as good as Google is • they're not 100% accurate every time when it comes to connecting ones rel=author to ones content one creates
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