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Michael Fairhurst
Interested in music, lojban, star trek, and some science too!
Interested in music, lojban, star trek, and some science too!

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Thank You For Admitting on the Internet...the Stupid Things You've Done (3D Printer Edition)
I'd like to keep this blog post a short and sweet, I mean long and winding Thank You, to everyone who's ever admitted somewhere on the internet that they've done something stupid. One such person saved me a lot of hassle and a lot of money on my Printrbot S...

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Else If Is Not Special (Except in Python)
Prepare yourselves, for I am about to make a code formatting argument, which is almost always certainly a waste of time. But this formatting argument is rooted in a truth of how programming languages work, and as a programming language designer, I just feel...

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Going Open with "Encase"
I've been pondering for a while a concept for a new language. Partly its interesting to me because I want to get more diverse compiler experience than just Wake's set of problems,and partly because its a program I know I would use. I'm going do something th...

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That's me! And yup, this is what we do at Postano.

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The Incredible Rewards Of Creating a Programming Language
Many of us enjoy seeing programming languages pop up that we might one day use, especially with cool ones like rust (memory safe without GC) and avail (extremely literate programming). But I would argue that many of us programmers, whether we like these tre...

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The Visitor Pattern vs Object Composition
Over the last week or so, I've been going down a large refactoring of the wake compiler. And in all the hours I've spent rewriting the parse tree's data structure, I have yet to choose between
two design patterns. Its possible that there is already a third...

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Why did we need this to be a framework?
While this post will be about Spring, the java framework, I highly urge you to read this as more than a criticism of Spring. In fact, I think Spring+Jpa+rdbms is currently an unrivaled web development stack. But I want to question what spring does, or at le...

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Annotations, Pretty errors now built into Wake
It becomes tougher and tougher to keep making quick releases of Wake . In addition to compiling the feature, I now have a slew of libraries written in Wake that might need to be updated, and/or recompiled in the proper order. This was the case with the most...

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The Am I Vulnerable To Shellshock Checklist
There are a ton of people sharing a test to see if your shell is vulnerable to shell shock. However, exploiting the shellshock bug (unlike heartbleed) requires multiple failure points. It is impossible to precisely define these failure points, and this has ...

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Announcing angular-dep.vim, a Vim Plugin for Angular.js Developers
One of the best practices in angular.js development that I have trouble adhering to is minifiable injectables. I have always been a huge fan of dependency injection, and I am constantly advocating for it in my work projects that aren't fortunate enough to h...
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