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For next Wednesday, the next topic will be entitled: Happy Marriage

1- Why God made a man and a woman to be together?
2- How do you choose your partner?
3- Should your partner be of the same denomination?
4- Why a marriage is supposed to unit a couple of different genders?
5- What does it mean to become one flesh?
6- What is the importance of keeping sexual intercourse for after marriage?
7- How to make your marriage successful?
8- Is divorce an option when things does not work?
9- Are there sign to know if a marriage will work before getting into it?
10- What is your personal understanding of marriage?

The answers to these questions will lead to other questions that will be also tackled. The importance of that meeting is not only to answer questions related to marriage, but also to understand its importance. Marriage is not a game, and after reaching a certain age, it's pretty important to have a clearer picture of what you want in order to know what proper decisions to take.

I hope that you all had a great Sabbath. I wish you an amazing week.

I encourage you to watch Doug Batchelor presentation about a successful marriage.

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