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Lance Martin
Helping people reach their potential!
Helping people reach their potential!

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I am creating a new Google+ profile because we all know that G+ is relevant.... ?

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As a bonus for all of you who have so graciously added me to your Google+ circles, I'm giving you something before everyone else gets it. Tomorrow I'll be releasing my newest eBook on my blog. You get the sneak preview tonight.

The new eBook is called Hanging Up the Leisure Suit: How to Get Unstuck. It's the second eBook in the Leisure Suit series. You can read or download the eBook for FREE at this link:

Download it. Share it with your team. I hope it leads to lots of healthy conversations and next steps for your ministry.

Thanks to +Ben Stroup and my friends at Church Community Builder for helping pull of this project.

Now you have another reason to convince your friends to join us on Google+. :-)

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@TonySteward @TonyMorganLive have you figured out how to use it mobile? 

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HOLY SMOKES I LOVE @TonyMorganLive and @TonySteward for this Google+ Chrome Extension Updates all Platforms 

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test for Google+ Twitter and FB integration

Anyone figured out how to post in twitter and it update G+? I can go from G+ to twitter...

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Using "Move Your Photos" #Chrome extension to auto upload Facebook photos to #Picasa for #Google+ #G+

Worked on a few Google+ Circles now going to play with @FlipbookCC for a while. #fb

if anyone wants a GOOGLE+ invite message me your email address. a Gmail account is best #fb
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