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COFFEE.CLUB We’ve got what you’ve bean craving! THE SHOPPING GUIDE…
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Happy New Year 2012!
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Where is the more? ;)
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Tagline is an online coffee and wholesale beverage shop
Our social strategy mirrors our business philosophy, Do it right, Do it quick and love the customer. Welcome to the McClure family of Coffee. 

From the heart of the True South comes a coffee you will be proud to serve to customers or guests .......The story of Miss Ellie

For Miss Ellie (also known as Ellie Glidewell), coffee is the perfect way to pursue several of her passions while assuring that you get the smoothest cup of coffee available. When her step father, Daddy Bill, wanted her to be part of the family gourmet coffee business - - Miss Ellie said, "Sure, but I want to do it the right way, a way where the benefit gets spread around. Oh, and may I have my own line of coffee?"

The family business developed and brewed into a wonderful line of coffee and single cup coffee pod business sold from coast to coast. Ellie with her sister, Emmie, brother Gabe, Mother Jammie and Daddy, Bill meticulously developed the business choosing the best coffees, marrying old fashion good business principals with the newest technology. Miss Ellie’s Coffee was born…………

Miss Ellie has her line of coffee and coffee cakes, and the next thing she wanted was direct involvement in choosing the blends that would bear her name. As with everything she does, she is demanding and meticulous in the selection process, working closely with her roaster, traveling to out-of-the-way places, testing, tasting, sitting a spell and reflecting on it.

"In the morning you want a good cup of coffee to get you going and in a good mood to run out the door," she says. "The coffees I choose for “Miss Ellie’s” will definitely do that."

"I was a school teacher, and I just fell in love with kids," she says. "They’re so imaginative and curious and innocent. If I could have kids working in our business, I would. However, since I cannot, it is important for me to do my share in helping children have better lives. I wouldn’t be involved in any kind of business that didn’t look at a bigger picture than just the bottom line." For this reason, Emmie and Ellie spend hundreds of hours each year volunteering and giving back to various charities and the less fortunate.

"This isn’t about just roasting a bunch of coffee and seeing who wants to buy it," Miss Ellie says”. "I drink my product. I am my own best customer. I hate horrible coffee. I am not going to let anything get to my customers that I don’t absolutely love. My name’s on the bag, and where I come from, you have pride in your good name."

I hope you enjoy this coffee as much as I imagine and dream you will.
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