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I had the opportunity to chat with Arkansas Business about Google Glass and how we'll be using this innovative tool at #ASMSA this year.

Maria Bartiromo interviews Jackie and Mike Bezos on their work with the Bezos Scholars and social innovation. #ASMSA

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Looking forward to hearing ASMSA student's ideas for Google Glass.

#ifihadglass  I'd use it to assist Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts teachers in understanding how students experience STEM classroom learning from their perspective.  How do they take notes? How do they participate in project-based learning?  How do teachers engage them?  

Academy student Jon Warren is the running for The Herald's "Ultimate WKU Fan" contest. He would appreciate your vote and has promised to stop "truffle shuffling" if you do so.

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With shirts like "Allergic to Algebra" perpetrating stereotypes on STEM and gender, what suggestions would you make for a pro-STEM, pro-learning shirt for young women?

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The Google+ app for iOS is now available for download in the App Store.

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Finding explosives using math? Working to solve crimes using math? I'm beginning to think Bruce Kessler is doing more than writing comic books about superheroes who like math... He's training to be Batman.

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An excellent post from a "must read" blog.
7 essential books on the past and future of education

The 11:20 showing of HP 7.2 in Bowling Green this morning was sold out. I would have thought the real Potterheads would have gone to the midnight showings. Round two, maybe?
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