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Kieran Rogers
One must believe to achieve.
One must believe to achieve.

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Take a look at this video on YouTube:

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These two were once the most feared villains.

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Dear Palestine,

We know that the world is busy watching
football when you are being attacked brutally....
We know Ramazan is not the same for you.....
We know your children are being killed
We know the human rights activists will be
silent in your case.....
We know the west wont ever help you.....
We know the muslim rulers dont have the power
or courage to defend you...
We know you have been blacked out from
We know that we too have limited strength to
help you......
but we also know that we have a weapon
powerful than any other weapon in this
world..... a weapon which has the power to
change destiny..... and this weapon is called
With this strength we extend our support to
Its the month of acceptance of prayers
I request all my muslim brothers and sisters to
pray for our Palestinean brothers and sisters.
"May peace of Allah be upon them" Ameen ya rab
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