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How Triathcheat Started
You know when your entire life falls apart and you lash out in strange directions? That's what I did in January. Some
time between Christmas and New Year, possibly motivated by a lot of
cheese and a certain amount of Port, I decided to set myself some

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I've Possibly Gone Entirely Mad
It's London Marathon Day, I am watching the incredible scenes of humanity triumphing over despair and selfishness and nipple chaffing, and I am jumping on the bandwagon! Anyone know where I can get a bright blue wetsuit to complete the set? This year, in Ju...

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From the Drafts... January 2017
This does not feel like a fresh start, I am not looking forward with ideas and hope and excitement to the next 12 months for quite possibly the first time in my, admittedly short, life. It's not that I enjoyed 2016, it has been a year that will be recalled ...

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Travelling With Too Much Baggage
My name is Joy, and I am a dreadful overpacker. I think the scales at the airport, like credit cards, show a target not a limit. I will take too many shoes, I will bring big bottles of shampoo instead of decanting it into those stupid travel bottles, I will...

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A Relationship Update
The Boy and I broke up. Which makes it sound like a joint
decision, and maybe it would have been easier if it was; the more accurate
description is he broke up with me. He tried, I think, to do it slowly and gently because he
thought, I hope, that would be ...

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Ripples of Grief
My dad died on Monday 1st August 2016. A little after sunrise. Some time between 6.45 and 7.15, we weren't exactly clock watching. He has been gone now for one month and one week, 38 days. Tomorrow is my parents wedding anniversay. Would have been. There is...

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My New Resloution
We're already past the first week of 2016 and I don't know where the time's gone! I
love the theory of New Years resloutions, the idea of self improvement
and completing a self set goal should be encouraged, but I'm rubbish at
sticking to them. So I'm n...

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Traveller's Guilt - The People We Leave Behind
Travelling is a great way to meet new people. To find friends you never would have connected with otherwise. It makes you more open minded, more willing to try stuff out. It lets you see the world. But it comes at a price. None of us can be in two places at...

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The Blue Town In The Mountains
locals asked where else we were planning to visit in Morocco they'd nod
politely at our list Meknes, Fez, Chefchauen, Tangier. "Chefchauen? Ahhh."  There
would be nods and knowing smiles, and then the universal hand signal of
a pinched finger and t...

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A bit of history about the gorgeous Speyer Cathedral
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