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Kelly Duffort
Web strategy, content strategy, content marketing, website production.
Web strategy, content strategy, content marketing, website production.

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Glad I stumbled across an article that explains WhatsApp.

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Studying algorithms in the 1st grade and Boolean logic by age of 16? Wow. Concerns about the need for ethics courses to go along with these coding study paths are interesting.

See...and this is one of the reasons I can't make the Google+ leap, they don't give without asking for something in return. Yes, I want my custom URL, but do I really and truly have to give you my cell phone number to get it? Argh!

Here I am again, at Internet Summit, listening to the message of "You better be on Google+," which makes sense, but me oh my, I can't seem to make the leap and stick with it for any period of time. #isum13

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I really enjoyed "Power of Habit." Since reading it, I've replaced my old habit of staying up on the later side with a new habit of going to bed early so I can get up at 5am 3-4 days per week to exercise.

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New Google+ For Business website
Today, we've launched a new version of our Google+ for Business website ( The new site helps you find more information about Google+'s full suite of benefits for your business. Click around and check it out! Don't miss these highlights:

1. Our new resources section. Download our new getting started best practice guide or Google+ icons. Scroll down and take a look at case studies from brands using Google+ well (

2. Learn about social extensions for AdWords. Did you know ads with Google+ annotations have a five to ten percent CTR uplift? LEarn how to connect your AdWords account to your Google+ profile (

3. Learn how to qualify for your page to show up on the right hand side of Google Search. Create a page, publish regular posts, and connect your page to your site (

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Here's my checklist of "shareable content" qualities.

At last year's Internet Summit, many of the speakers said, "You gotta be on Google+. You just gotta." I'm trying. But where is everyone else? #isum12.

Has anyone attending the Internet Summit in Raleigh, NC next week started an #isum12 circle?

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Definite advantage for Google over Bing in social search approaches, assuming users dig having social search results served up to them automatically.
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