Bug Hunting - CM9 & Netflix

We need your help. There is a bug that manifests in the Netflix app on CM9, and we need to figure out if it is on CM's end, or Netflix's. User responses are appreciated for all supported CM devices. Likewise, to help figure out if it is plaguing our users only or a larger audience, those users running +AOKP ROM or stock/rooted AOSP are welcome to respond as well. The larger the participation pool, the better we can see how large the impact is, and move on from there.
Netflix Seek Bug: Feedback Needed
It seems many CM9 devices are affected by a bug in Netflix. When you attempt to seek backwards while watching a show, the video freezes but audio continues. We need to know if which CM9 devices are affected by this issue. Does it similarly have issues with AOSP, AOKP, CNA or vendor flavors of ICS?
Please reply in this thread. Results will be recorded in this Google Doc. The aggregate results may help us to determine if this Netflix's problem, hardware/driver or a framework bugs in CM itself.
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