Note: These are renders. Icons for lockscreen will be adjusted to match the visual style of ICS

That out of the way, the guy behind the CM7 Bubbles/Ring unlock needs feedback. Share your thoughts!
My ideas for launching custom apps* with ICS lockscreen:

1) Use 1 ring like in ICS now, include 1 "knob" on top for custom apps... If only 1 app defined, launch it when user releases ring from the top "knob", otherwise 1.1

1.1) #1, but with more than 1 app... apps will show up on a secondary circle above the main circle, user launches app just as in CM7 from there...

2) Use 2 rings, one for unlock/camera/mute, one for custom apps. user can swap the rings if they desire to in settings...
When left handle is dragged, show the camera/mute knobs, unlock by dragging the ring past the circle (in any direction, really)...
When right handle is dragged, show the custom apps, launch apps by dragging the ring to the app, as in CM7.

Please +1 which style you like the most in comments, and feel free to let me know potential improvements...

* custom apps don't just mean apps... basically any shortcut

NOTE: the icons for the apps are old. I know. But I already had them from my previous concepts for CM7 ring lockscreen and was too lazy to get good ICS ones :P
NOTE2: no flashable zip's or whatever... I haven't even started coding either of these, due to finals :(
Poking +Steve Kondik +Keyan Mobli +Prash D to ask which one they think is best for CM9 :)
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