CyanogenMod and Cornerstone

We wanted to do a followup post on CM and CS, since there was a lot of excitement over the past few days.

Cornerstone is not ready If we could make this larger and fiery red, we would.

# The code is still in its infancy (version .8).
# There are very legitimate concerns surrounding just how to solve compatibility issues with the thousands of applications in the market.
# We drew the attention of Google engineer(s), who have rightfully pointed out concerns (thank them for taking the time) - comments can be read on Cyanogen's re-share of the original post. If you choose to comment, do so intelligently and in a civil manner!
# We've also contacted the original developers for input and consultation.
Edit # And now Onskreens CEO is weighing in on the discussion

All said, there are many hurdles to overcome before Cornerstone is merged into CM9, if at all. We ask that you realize this, and see blog posts and pictures and alphas as merely technical proof of concepts, and nothing more. Frankly, we are months out from CS being ready, and it'll likely take longer to address all the concerns.
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