Natron 2.1.5 is out

- Introduce the notion of "Format", which is basically the area of the image to be displayed (similar to the display window in OpenEXR). Each clip has a format attached, so a project can contain images of different sizes.
- Fix a bug where deprecated plugins would not be loaded from project file 2561778
- macOS: clicking the dock icon now raises all windows
- macOS: fix ColorLookUp curves parameter display
- PyPlug: fix a bug where removing a node inside a Group would break any expression on its siblings
- Reader: fix a bug where copy/pasting a node would display a "Bad Image Format" error
- The whole user interface now uses the same font, and dialogs were cleaned up to use standard buttons
- Roto: fix a bug where the selected tool in the viewer would not refresh properly
- Fix a bug where Natron would not work properly when installed in a directory containing unicode characters
- OpenEXR: fix a bug where auto-crop files would not have their origin placed correctly

- Crop: add the "Extent" choice, to chose either a predefined format or a custom size
- Blur: add the "Crop To Format" option.
- Reformat: if input has a format, use it to compute the reformated output.
- NoOp: can also set the format.
- Shuffle: re-enable the "Output Components" choice"
- Premult/UnPremult: don't try to check processed channel when rewiring the input
- (beta feature) ErodeBlur: Erode or dilate a mask by smoothing.
- (beta feature) KeyMix: Copies A to B only where Mask is non-zero.
- (beta feature) PIK: A per-pixel color difference keyer that uses a mix operation instead of a max operation to combine the non-backing screen channels.
- (beta feature) PIKColor: Generate a clean plate from each frame for keying with PIK.
- (beta feature) Sharpen & Soften: new plugins.
- (beta feature) EdgeExtend: Fill a matte (i.e. a non-opaque color image with an alpha channel) by extending the edges of the matte.

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