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Pele Kophoros
Digital marketer operating under a pseudonym for privacy and protection
Digital marketer operating under a pseudonym for privacy and protection

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Last Night On Earth boardgame - any good? Any decent fully co-op or solo variants for it?

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Risk Legacy! House Rules! Excited Wives!@campfireburning's debut piece has everything you could want from a blog post!

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Yann Best has been travelling in Ankh-Morpork and has come back to tell us about his fun there.

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What boardgaming did you do this weekend? I took on my wife for the second time at Ticket To Ride: Europe, and it proved to be as nail biting a finish as the first time round.

I don't want to do something new. New suggests cutting edge, setting out new boundaries, proving new areas conquerable and worthwhile. There are enough people doing that and besides, I'm bored of the new.

Blogs are hard bloody work and, run professionally, demanding. Podcasts can be good but there are thousands of nerds 'talking' now and the results are mixed. I'm also the most boring person in the world, the single handed destruction of marketing conferences assured as soon as I take my place on the podium. Video? No thanks. If film adds 2 stone in weight to the subject I'd succumb to an instant coronary attack.

The new is done, it's there and there are more intelligent people than me making a go of it.

The old, though? The old has been abandoned and left to rot, seemingly obsolete and defunct in the face of Web 2.0. It's not, it's as valid as it was and there's plenty of scope for doing things.

Electronic fanzines, then. Or are they ezines? I don't know. Strip back to everything but the name, the subject matter, and you potentially end up with something so raw it engages the reader on a more honest level. "we like these things and this is what we're writing about". No pretensions of 'Kotaku for this' or 'BoingBoing for that'. Just a desire to shout.

That was what blogs were for, but blogs require regular updates. A semi-regular fanzine, published when there's something to say, all pretension and desire to make a living stripped away solves every problem at once, no burning need to be relevant, no drive for SEO or advertising.

It's this simple: text file, email it out, let it grow.

Littleboxes.txt is coming and if you're interested in saying something about anything related to tabletop gaming, drop me a note. No commitments, no timetables, just words and an eventual txt file getting sent out.

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Having wizard out at Hobbycraft I just came back and put a bit of gold on the eagle crest and (over) daubed the Devlan Mud on. I am now a fucking master painter.

Seriously happy with these as the first 2 figures I've painted in 20 yrs now. All the shininess has gone.

Need to avoid daubing Devlan onto the curved flat areas though, even if I like the dirtier look it gives them. 
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I pretended I was buying GW paints for someone else when I was in hobbycraft just now. Felt ashamed. So did the other geek who scarpered when I arrived.

I'm 33. I should be over this by now.

Taking the unopened paints back and switching to citadel stuff. I'll be keeping a grey, red, black and yellow and picking up:

Regal blue, snot green, tallarn flesh, boltgun metal, shining gold, bestial brown, badab black, Devlan mud, skull White.

Debating snakebite leather and ogryn flesh.

Should that give me all I need to paint marines, genestealers, orcs, gretchin, chaos marines etc?

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Oh wow. First ever bit of dry brushing (I probably went overboard but wanted to muddy up the armour) and the black headed Blood Angel is transformed.

Thanks for the tips +Ben Coleman

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