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10 things you might not know about India

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I have Social Media accounts coming out my ears but this is darn funny.
I saw this, and laughed so hard I almost peed my pants.
Figured you would get a kick out of it too.

For some reason it also reminded me of +Amanda Blain's "social media monday" posts. You still doing those AB? Those are always cool :D

Have a great day/week everyone :D

#SocialMediaMonday   #Followingme   #humor  

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this is how you interview a politician. bravo, eddie!

Name your iPod 'Titanic', plug it into the computer, "Titanic is syncing", press cancel, feel like a hero.

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life is a bit like bog paper. you're either on a roll or you're taking shit from some arsehole.

don't bother leaving work early. the roads in leeds are full of morons. 'twill be easier later!

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