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Born too late to explore Earth; too early to explore the Universe.
Born too late to explore Earth; too early to explore the Universe.

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Play FINAL FANTASY Record Keeper for a chance to win a T-Shirt Signed by FINAL FANTASY XIV director Naoki Yoshida!

I'm on Puzzle and Dragons guise! Add me for those pal points!


+Mindy Dorr+Lauren Smith+Timothy Smith​

New band name +Jacob Vincent 

Secondhand Cocaine

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I was nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket challenge by Carey Harwood, I in turn nominate +Lance Killian +Timothy Smith  and +Cory Cribbs  . You have 24 hours to comply. You are encouraged to donate regardless of your participation. If failing to accept and participate, the rules dictate a $100 donation to the ALS Foundation @ is required.
Good luck. ‪#‎IceBucketChallenge‬

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I really hate this... Whelp! There goes ever buying Seagram's GA again. Give me HFCS or real sugar. I can't stand artificial sweeteners! +Timothy Smith I knew it!  #GingerAle #Seagram  

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Awwww heck yes!!! This would encourage me to finally take the plunge and get those dwarves dice I have been wanting!
I like sending dice bags out into the world, and introducing them to new people.  So I thought I'd have another contest/giveaway to give everyone a chance to win another Greyed Out dice bag.  Here's how it'll work:

Greyed Out Dice Bag Giveaway

The rules:  

Share this original post for a chance to win a Greyed Out dice bag; your choice of either the Dungeon Map dice bag, or the Middle Earth dice bag.  The dice bag will be sewn from brown suede, but the winner will get to pick his/her drawstring color, to make it a little more unique.  

I'll have a drawing for the winner from everyone who has shared this original post once I hit 301 sales in my Etsy shop, which you can find here:  

A word on Greyed Out:

I've been gaming for about 15 years now, and always made do with an average dice bag.  When I was studying theatre/costume for my degree, I realized that I could try my hand at making my own dice bag.  After a long process I finally settled on the freestanding design in the picture below, and started an Etsy shop to bring high quality, handmade dice bags to the world.  

Each dice bag measures about 5" tall when open, with a 4" square base that lets the bag stand open on the tabletop for easy access to your dice - no more messy dice spills across the table during long gaming sessions.  They hold between 120-150 dice, depending on dice size, and close securely with a double drawstring.  

I sew my dice bags from various suedes, as well as Kona cotton in  a variety of colors.  I also do screen printed dice bags, and most of my dice bags are reversible, meaning you can turn them inside out depending on which fabric you want on the outside.  

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After a long battle with my phone recently, I think I have finally decided to possibly move back to the iPhone. Here is why:

I currently own the Galaxy Nexus, Google's flagship phone prior to the Nexus 4. I am running the latest stable Android version, 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. My phone shipped with Ice Cream Sandwich. 

When I first purchased my phone, it ran exactly to my specifications. It was snappy, it had no discernible UI lag, no stutter. Everything was as it should be. Then I updated to JB.

Ever since then, my phone has stuttered, frozen for seconds at a time (like 10), and lost all of the snappiness that made me fall in love with it to begin with. I did a bit of research and realized that I had less than 5GB remaining on my device, which caused some slowdown. I cleaned off my phone of some of the non-essentials, and saw some improvement. This improvement still lacked the former glory that was my phone's original state, even with gigs worth of apps installed.

Reading online, this is a common problem with Android devices. One article for example, sums up my experience pretty well:

Now, for those of you that have been around me enough, have endured my rants against Apple for years. I have long been anti-Apple. I won't go into why but to summarize, I don't agree with their business model. That being said, I have owned multiple Apple devices throughout my lifetime. I have purchased an iPhone 3G, an iPhone 4, an iPod Classic, and a MacBook. (The MacBook was purchased by my previous job so that I could learn OSX for troubleshooting purposes). I do have experience with these devices.

I have never really had an issue with the iPhone itself, other than Apple's refusal to innovate between each device and iOS version. Most "new releases" are just updates to a previous version with features that had been added onto other non-Apple devices long since past. 

The iPhone itself is snappy, it's fluid, it's clean, and even years down the line, you can still use your phone with little to no degradation of quality. (Until the apps stop supporting your version of iOS because your phone can no longer update to the latest iOS). I find myself using my work iPhone 4S more often for menial tasks daily, because using my Nexus is a CHORE. 

I have to wait sometimes 5-10 seconds AFTER clicking in the blank area, before my keyboard will come up. The built in browser, and even Chrome, take forever to load up to where I can look something up. This is a deal breaker to me. I use my phone for quick reference more often than I'd like to admit.

Now, I'm not trying to convert anyone, nor am I trying to make a statement. I know my case is pretty weak. I am merely ranting about my experience and making a decision as to future phone purchases. For the time being, I am switching back to my iPhone 4.

#iPhone   #Android   #Galaxy   #Nexus   #galaxynexus   #iOS   #googlephone  

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Curryjack, in the haus!


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We revisit Stephen Elford as he shows us his new quests in Mathlandia! These new adventures deal with area, perimeter, and volume. Have a look and see how you can teach maths concepts using Minecraft!
Stephen's Blog:

I love you #Google   <3
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