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Amy Hussey
Mom, Wife, Sister, Friend, k-5 Art Teacher with the best job on e-A-R-T-h!
Mom, Wife, Sister, Friend, k-5 Art Teacher with the best job on e-A-R-T-h!

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Happy 2016-17 School Year! Things are off to a great start and we are well under way
creating masterpieces in the studio. 
Pictures to come shortly…  My
phone went for a swim and I am sans camera for a bit, but will work around it.  In the meantime, I hope ...

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500 Years of Women in Art

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Fifth Grade Head. :)
Grade Collaborative Sculpture This mini unit began as an attempt to combine an introduction
to bas-relief sculpture and conveying emotion through art.   Fifth Graders created these interesting faces
using Model Magic.   The idea was to
combine them cr...

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Keith Haring dance Party
Fifth Grade Keith Haring
Inspired   Dance Party! Fifth Graders are learning about gesture drawing (quick sketches used to
capture the movement or position of a figure), and what better way to practice
this, than by examining the work of 80s iconic pop art/g...

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Art in the Gym!
These silhouettes were a combined effort of several grade
levels.   Second graders learned about
analogous colors and painted loads of papers to use for the dots.   Fourth grade teams picked an action pose and
traced a teammate on black roll paper to make t...

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Contour Drawing- Sign Language Alphabet
Grade Contour Drawings   Fourth Graders are learning about CONTOUR drawing (a drawing
of an object as though the drawing tool is moving along all the edges and
ridges of the form- no shading is used).   They also learned about the life and work of Dr...

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Our Fine Arts Studio
The Studio is shared with music- it is a tight space, but Ms. Gallant is great roomie!   Thanks to the amazing Mrs. Cresta and the Paint Store with the Purple Door for the gorgeous bucket display!

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Sports Spheres- Using Value to Create the Illusion of Form
Spheres Last
year’s fourth graders were introduced to the concept of using value (light and
dark) to create the illusion of form in two- dimensional artwork.   Students began the unit by creating a value
scale and using that to turn a circle into a s...

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Organic Shape Monsters
First Grade Organic Shape Monsters   MA Visual Arts Frameworks:
1.1 Use a variety of material and media. 1.2 Create artwork in a variety of
two-dimensional media. 2.1 For color, explore and experiment with the use of
color in dry and wet media. 2.4 Explore ...
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