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Jeremy Sewell (BuckeyeonBragg)
Works at U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center & School Noncommissioned Officer Academy Department. of Digital, Development


What's your favorite platform for writing #HTML5 #CSS3 and #JavaScript? Is it #Adode 's #EdgeCode #DreamWeaver #Brackets -or something else?
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Check out this video demonstration of how easy it is to add drag and drop interactions in #AdobeCaptivate 7
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Pre-test questions in #AdobeCaptivate are questions you can add to your lesson that have no effect on standard question slides. Using this feature, you can ensure that your learners are ready for the quiz. If you're comfortable with Advanced Actions, you can also control what happens as learners work through the pre-test. If they haven't performed well enough, an Action could take them to a part of the lesson for additional training.
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In this age of accelerating change and growth in information, it is becoming increasingly important for corporate learners to stay informed and keep learning. Technology-enabled learning has made i...
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Check out Google's new #HTML5 animation tool 
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Ever wonder if it is possible to allow your learners to retake a quiz? In #AdobeCaptivate 7 it's not only possible, it's quite easy!
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Ask any school-kid, the consensus sways towards a general apathy towards exams and tests. But moving on from our school days, do we really look forward to assessments in corporate learning as well?...
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Technology-aided learning has found a strong foothold in corporate learning in the past decade or so. This success has motivated companies and professionals to identify ways of increasing the impac...
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Long-time practitioner of strategic influence, turned educator, turned instructional designer. Passion for learning, and Buckeyes world dominance.
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Instructor/Writer at the US Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center & School NCO Academy
  • U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center & School Noncommissioned Officer Academy Department. of Digital, Development
    Lead Courseware Developer/Instructional Designer, 2009 - present
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