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Was signing up up for some random emails yesterday, and received this sad excuse of a welcome email from a pet supplies store. I've seen a lot of bad welcome emails in the last 10 years, but this might be the worst.

Can you beat this for worst of all time? And no, lack of a welcome email doesn't qualify.
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Uhm, noooo this is a true winner. I guess they'd just 'set it up' without really setting it up. Just ticked the box 'welcome email program' without putting in the details, like From name. So much lost here. Even though it's a pet supplies store, just putting in 10 mins worth of time could have made it a lot better.
At least it will render as intended on any mobile device.
Some poor IT guy labored for MINUTES to create that message, and you have the nerve to dis it!!
Why do I have visions of the Microsoft paper clip popping up and saying "Hey! Looks like you are setting up a newsletter!"
John - Oh man, I forgot about the "paper clip" what a disaster that was - I guess that was a low-tech version of Siri :-)
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