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What the Fork?
You may or may not know that I am a dietitian. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from Loma Linda University in California in 1995 (well, actually, I was informed  after  my supposed graduation that I was short 12 elective  units [!!], which took...

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There's a lot of chatter filtering up to my window from Chickendom. Mr. Collins (so named for his uncanny resemblance to the dowdy clergyman from Pride and Prejudice) is making some sort of urgent announcement. Mr. Collins He could be alerting the girls to ...

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We Bought the Farm! (well... we're trying to anyway)
Over the past 5 years my love of landscaping and gardening has bloomed into a full-blown passion for farming, complete with fertilizer bunnies and chicken wrangling (many in the farm-world say, chickens are the gateway drug to farming). In the many hours I ...

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Of Vinegar, Passion, and Chez Panisse
Tonight I had the honor of strapping on my red stilettos and slipping into a teal laced dress so I could proudly hang on the arm of a handsomely dressed Graham Klee Wiles-Pearson as we attended a highly esteemed awards ceremony at the Herbst Pavilion in San...

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Life Changing Chicken Wrangling
When I moved back to California from Arizona eight years ago I moved into a cute neighborhood in Pleasant Hill called Poet's corner. I loved that little pocket of vintage homes, established trees, and curvy streets bearing the names of poets. In the fall I ...

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Milton, Myrthful, and Potager Cottage
I wrote this post about a year ago on my personal memoirs blog,  My Groovy Entropy  . I feel it is pertinent to our Potager Cottage story, so I've decided to post here as well. I hope you enjoy this snippet of my evolution: ~.~.~.~.~.~.~.~ My grandpa, Milto...

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Planting From Seed... Like A Boss
Potager Cottage has come a long way these past months. Klee and I tore up the weed-infested backyard and added a garden gate that we found in the free section of craigslist. Then we used the lasagna method to start our back potager. We laid down old cardboa...

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Mid-Century Tanker Desk
A craigslist scrap metal offer has become my new desk! Mid-century tanker desk

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The Living Art of Home
Attempting to contain a squirmy Vera It's a foggy Sunday morning in Benicia. I'm sitting in the green room, scrolling through homesteading tips on Pinterest, munching on Klee's fresh-baked shortbread cookies, and listening to Elliott and Klee as they build ...

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The Sky is Falling
Well, about ten Potager Cottage blog posts have come and gone from my brain over the past month. And now, I've no clue where to begin. The weather has finally decided to cool, in a Noah's Ark/"Pharaoh, let my people go," kinda way. Anyone who isn't rowing t...
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