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So the Sigelei didn't work out... Kept spitting juice and didn't really like the way you have to jerk it off in order to change anything on the menu ... Traded it in for another ELeaf we are loving it! 
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Going to buy a aspire nautilus top and I wanted to know if anyone knows what a good battery bottom would be for it. Any suggestions? 
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Itaste svd 
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I'm loving this one you get rocker chick mixed with dubstep mixed with classic violin.... it's the trifecta of awesomeness 

#LindseyStirling   #Halestorm   #LizzyHale   #Dubstep   #Violin  
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Amy M
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Best juice ever... Went to the local shop and after trying all kinds of different ones I can't seem to get over this one flavor. Surprisingly this one one of the first fluids I tried, and it keeps me coming back. After a while of smoking on it, the flavor almost disappears so it is a perfect daily vape. Not too sweet, super smooth, and no aftertaste. I'm loving it..
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Never tryed coffee, hmm 
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Dang BBC is 2 fast 2 furious... already got an HD documentary out on this. Where were ya on that one merica? 

#flight370   #malaysia   #Flight   #MH370   #documentary   #BBC  
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vappix has some pretty good pictures on Instagram if anyone wants to see some
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Got me and my babes new vape machines I'm trying the IJust Eleaf and he has the Sigelei legacy with and aspire nautilus top. We shall see how well this goes so far I'm liking it .... Spent way too much money so please no one ask me how much they cost but I think it will be worth it in the long run if these set ups work. So far watching him shake it to change watts and volts is hilarious ... Money well spent if ya ask me 
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Also the ELeaf has an adjustable airflow but you have to have a tiny flat head screw driver to adjust it, but other then that its a champ!
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Anyone try this Vapewell place? 
They deliver monthly based on your flavor profile ... sounds interesting... but I would like to know if anyone can vouch for their flavors before I make any commitments.
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There is a couple like this, drip club, zample box, I have mixed reviews, some like it, some not, 
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No sir I don't smoke Cigerettes ewwww.... 
.... I just have a intense nicotine addiction... LMAO ... #DatVapeLife  

.... Inside jokes ....

Since my BF is new to the vape thing its pretty funny whenever anything happens to his pen like the battery dies, or the fluid is acting up and going through the coil...

Everytime without fail he seems to freak out even if he just hit it 2 seconds ago, and the problem is totally fixable. 
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+David Collier That would be me for sure. Lol
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If I was going to start a mod and I wanted to gather some DIY parts and supplies where would be the best place to order wires and wicks and such. 
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Thanks a bunch guys I am never sure about e-bay since they have so many fake products so I never even look there, I totally forget ebay exist when it comes to vape stuff lol
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Now this is a sweet looking setup.... I need a mod now!!! Love the clear cap so you can see what the heck is going on in there.
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I want this !!!
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This place has my fave juice called hazelnut hand they also make an epic peach flavor called Peach O's. I stopped by the other day to taste some different flavors and this made me laugh so hard... Their brand is called twilight vapor and to play on words they decided to make a Bella Swan and Edward Cullen flavor. I tried the Bella Swan flavor and it was pretty good sweet but had a perfume smell and slight flavor so it's not a daily vape but a nice switch up or to make a mixture flavor. Just thought I would share because it made me lol. Here is he full list of liquids 
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Maryville, WA
San Bernardino, CA - Palm Springs, CA
Before anyone asks or gets all excited ... my nationality is "Black and White" t(~_~t)
I am a Technical Designer at the Boeing Factory in Everett, WA
Bragging rights
I have a family, I am going to be married and I have already started my career think I'm doing pretty good for only being 24 ;)
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    Computer Drafting & Design, 2009 - 2011
  • ITT Technical Institute
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On warm summer night in Jennings Park they offer free entertainment for the community. My daughter and I had a blast on a Saturday night we went to see the outdoor movie they offer and it was a very nice experience. They have the movie set up on a large blow up screen with a projector and some very loud speakers so no matter where you sit you can hear and see everything. Waste Management also is there handing out free popcorn to everyone and you don't just get one they keep coming around with tubs of the stuff until its gone! I would suggest to bring blankets and pillows to make it a more comfortable experience, or an outdoor portable chair, the blankets seem to be less obstructive to others views in my opinion. Great experience I would do at again anytime!!!
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They never have a Manager available, they sell you stuff you don't need, also never have tech guy there on the weekends when people get off work and CAN take there phones in. I still have not been able to successfully return a car charger they sold me that didn't even work to charge 2 phones like they told me it would. Hate the store!
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