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Psychic, astrology, quantum creator!
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Astrologer, Psychic, Quantum creator lives in a castle overlooking the sea with Oberon the Peacock

I am passionate about sharing free resources to transform your life and make empowering weekly astrology videos as well as add articles every day to help inspire. I'm passionate about Quantum creating (TM), evolutionary Tarot and Universal consciousness (how together we evolve the whole) . I grew up in a tempestuous magical household and inherited my psychic abilities from my Italian mother, whose healing circles I joined at the age of three. I was practically born with a deck of tarot cards in my hands. Funnily enough, the last thing in the world I wanted to do was follow in my mother’s footsteps, yet I ended up working as a professional psychic from the age of 16.

I had an office in Covent Garden London for ten years from the age of 23 and saw many interesting characters walk through the doors. I believe all people have a unique gift and a life path and I feel blessed to have been able to help people discover theirs. I have run a number of workshops on areas such as psychic development and creating your own destiny from the age of 21 and also became and intuitive astrologer from an early age. I did my degree in Social Science and Anthropology and have a passion for quantum physics and memetics. I believe we all have the power to be ‘quantum creators’ of our lives.

I am now the astrologer for ITV’s This Morning and Look magazine, and have also written regularly for the Mirrors’ 3AM Magazine and 19 Magazine. In addition, I have written three books on astrology.

As well as my appearances on ITV’s This Morning, I have also made numerous appearances on programmes including the X Factor, Big Brother, ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Now’ and ‘Housebusters’, Channels 5’s psychic ‘Changing Rooms’ makeover show.
You can read more about my life story in my Sunday Times best-selling auto-biography, Touched by Evil: A Childhood Survived Against All Odds or visit my award winning website.

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