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omens can't talk

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We're going on at 9pm and we're going to talk about entropy, religion and sex work.

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We are talking with low-wage whistleblower Talia about the many problematic traps set up for us in modern society by bad Boomer policy.

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Let's talk about printing the opium for the masses.

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This episode we will probably talk about the election, but also! we will address basic income theory, offering our (my) fairly negative perspectives.

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Join me and  +Danilo Campos this week as we talk about stuff we'll probably look up ten minutes before and then Danilo will ask me an offtopic question anyway and then I'll probably stumble onto something profound and then you'll be like wow what the hell is this show about and yes.

With Guest +Melinda Byerley to talk about her experience regulating the financial currency for Second Life.

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A show hosted by Danilo and Holly about the intersection of tech and politics. 

March 24, 2016

- Reddit's Inane Harassment Policy
- Trump Trauma Hotline
- B.A.R.T. and adapting infrastructure
- "Death by Gentrification"
- Why Ted Cruz is a Detached Foreskin
- Guest +Amy Dentata will talk about the political perils of VR

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How to Grow Free Tomato Plants from Cuttings
Tomatoes are an interesting plant. They are notoriously difficult to make seed, but once you get them going they want to go. A curious property about tomatoes is that it any part of its stem system can become roots, meaning that you can theoretically snip o...

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How to Grow Lettuce in a Bottle
Lettuce is pretty easy to grow. It's forgiving. It wants you to succeed in growing it and ultimately killing it. It's basically masochistic. Lettuce also needs very little soil to grow, which makes it an optimal container plant. Unlike tomatoes, which need ...

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Sprouting Lentils
Everybody wants to have fresh greens in their diet. If you don't, you should. But when people talk about why they want fresh greens, a lot of the time they don't think about the science. You want fresh greens because the closer a plant is to its natural sta...

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