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+Andrew Malcolm I have to admit that I'm conflicted over the curb on firearms. I really can't wrap my head around the notion that the Constitution can only be interpreted to mean ALL firearms. I own hunting rifles/shotguns and would never give up that right. But assult rifles with auto-loading "clips" seem to be useful for only one purpose.

Please help me to understand the NRA position.
I'm not interpreting the NRA position. I'm talking about Gov. Perry's position, which is that legislative action is an INSUFFICIENT answer to unpredictable actions by loonies. Pols love to appear as if they are doing something by talking new legislation. This Texas pol is calling out this Illinois pol.
+Andrew Malcolm That's my concern. The "firearms issue" is being used as just another political lever by both sides. Problem solving gets lost in the rhetoric.
The easiest answer is for voters to say that pols must do something. Perry is suggesting that's only part of the answer. That Americans themselves must each do something on their own. Makes real sense to me
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