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J Kalender-Rich
A blog designed to share reflections on care of the older adult from the perspective of Internal Medicine residents.
A blog designed to share reflections on care of the older adult from the perspective of Internal Medicine residents.

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Middle of the Road
Too much money to qualify for Medicaid,
not enough money to qualify without it. Looking, searching for a facility, a
place to live until you die. The fancy place says no. You can’t prove
your monetary worth, can’t prove you will give them a check every mont...

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When the best medicine is less medicine
            A majority
of our medical education is devoted to the rote memorization of medical facts
and than later to the practical application of that knowledge. As an internist
this commonly involves the use of various medicines for treatment of ailments...

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Understanding the disease
How many times have you been at church or social
functions and witnessed that “little old lady” that is running the show? From
party planning to organizing the Christmas plays to cooking dinners for 30+
people, my grandmother has always been that person.  I...

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Tweaking the discharge process
my inpatient months I had not thought much about where the patients end up
after their stay.  I know many are going to SNFs and rehabs, but I mostly
just imagined a hospital-like setting with a focus on rehab and PT instead of
on medical issues.  How...

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A change in perspective...
spent years in clinic putting patients on medications to lower cholesterol,
lower blood pressure, and improve blood sugars in hopes of extending their
life.  I’ve pushed for dozens of colonoscopies, mammograms, and stress
tests in hopes to prevent disa...

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What a Wonderful World
“And I think to myself, what a
wonderful world”, sang the volunteer to the group of elderly individuals
encircling her.  As she continued to sing to the group, I found myself,
pen resting on the table, listening and reflecting on the aging population

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Dementia, the bigger picture
My experience in geriatrics has enlightened me
on multiple levels. I came to realize the importance of looking at the bigger
picture with older patients. It’s not just about focusing on medical problems
but also aspects of daily living that may impact overa...

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Hello Sweetie
"Hello sweetie."  The common phrase that I'd heard since I was a child and the
typical greeting that she gave to anyone that came by to see her.  No one
noticed that she couldn't remember anyone's names.  It wasn't until we
were looking at pictures one day ...

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Why in the world does my patient need a Geriatrician?
Prior to my rotation on Geriatrics I always asked myself,
“why would I send my patient to a Geriatrician when almost all of my patient’s
in my Internal Medicine Clinic meet the age criteria as a geriatrics patient?”
This answer was quickly answered within o...

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California Memories
A small moment can evoke the most vibrant memory I just left the most amazing conference and I am inspired. Inspired to teach, inspired to learn, inspired to create, and even inspired to live. You might ask how attending a conference with a bunch of academi...
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