Is india playing Russian roulette on RUSSIA?

While Russian have been for decades working with india on defense sector that has yielded india's prime BhraMos Missile system aka proliferation of super-sonic missile system technology by india however, india is now seen less interested in russia's love after NATO offers more including NSG bid well funded by UK & US.

Therefore, india winks at UK - US game plan to counter CHINA-RUSSIA missile defense after gaining the missile technology from RUSSIA.

RUSSIA on the other hand is left stranded on the CROSS-ROADS who to trust and who much india can be counted ally of RUSSIAN alliance???

While NATO is tightening the RATCHET alongside baltic and balkans quickly training NATO troops to gain advance knowledge on the terrain.

Once NATO troops amasses TERRAIN know-know alongside baltic-balkans the latest SECRET NATO missile system self-mapping missiles that does not require SAT for navigation will build the missile SHIELD and missile offence once trigger is pulled.

India on the other hand is hanging-out with other nations to counter and contain CHINA COVERTLY.

India latest PM MODI has been restlessly being guest to western nations invited or not or induced does NOT matter.
India's greater aim is to COVERTLY ENTICE western world on it's 'make in india' game-plan whereby MISSILE including NUCLEAR WAR-HEADS are on SALE very soon, prepare CHINA!

MAKE in india - powering the BEAST

CHINA is a power to reckon with since its has locked-in india's devious plans right from 1962 on-wards where india got humiliating defeat thereby defusing india's attack plans. ever-since india has been claiming kashmir, ap and other areas falling under china as india's own real-estate.

However, now the game-plan is changing fast and rapidly since india's hunger is growing at unsustainable state firstly its consumed its own citizens and already engaged indians in daily battle of courts using 'legal terrorism', 1 in every 4 indian is dragged into courts using 'legal terrorism'.

Secondly, india's rapidly growing military budget spending is staggering and over-shooting most of the nations defense budge % percent-wise spending is way-off the charts.

Thirdly, india has recently asked india's private companies to manufacture india's various MISSILE projects including ordinance factories to be privatized mostly by 2017.

There is much more to this however due to limitations present here I've to cut-short shall cover in next post how india is going to contain RUSSIA-CHINA in next major war to appease NATO especially UK-isreal-US game-plan.

Recent References: WAR by 2017

Russian President said he is worried that military confrontation between Russia and the United States "is dragging the world into a new dimension"

NATO defense ministers also approved a brigade of 3,000 to 5,000 troops who will help defend the Black Sea coast, and will be anchored by Romanian and Bulgarian forces in the region.

Emperor with new GARB, quick to GRAB NSG status -

Engage in military provocations challenging China’s territorial claims. Guided missile stealth frigates, INS Satpura and INS Sahyadri, the sophisticated fleet support ship, INS Shakti, and the guided missile corvette, INS Kirch, left India on May 18 for a two-and-a-half-month operational deployment in the South China Sea and North West Pacific.

MAKE in india - powering the BEAST

INDIA CHINA WAR possibility by 2017

Once NATO troops amasses TERRAIN know-know alongside baltic-balkans the latest SECRET NATO missile system self-mapping missiles that does not require SAT for navigation will build the missile SHIELD and missile offence once trigger is pulled - sjsrana
WAR POSSIBILITY RUSSIA taking threat of US SM-3IIa SM-3IIB seriously

The SM-3 IIA can hit bigger targets, such as incoming enemy ballistic missiles, at longer distances than previous SM-3 interceptor missiles, however RUSSIA has counter-plans in place, can INDIA's growing love with NATO alliance to counter CHINA starting with NSG status interplay shift of balance to offset CHINA-RUSSIA advantage is worth assessing and needs to be addressed.

Some of the technologies designed for the SM-3IIA are being retrofitted onto the SM-3IB that is interesting to note, further US has long been testing 'KE weapons'.

India's growing influence over china a game-changer?

'Make in india' targets CHINA WAR machine by Selling the supersonic BrahMos missile, made by an Indo-Russian joint venture, would mark a shift for the world's biggest arms importer, as India seeks to send weapons the other way in order to shore up partners' defences and boost revenues. INDIA is interested in NSG to counter RUSSIA-CHINA advantage by exporting india-russian BrahMos to U.S., Japan, and Vietnam this is like stealing technology from RUSSIA to counter-play CHINA?

Is RUSSIA technology being leaked?
Designed to carry up to 24 nuclear-loaded Yu-74 gliders, each Sarmat ballistic missile will be able to hit any target located within a 6.2 thousand mile radius in one hour.


Is INDIA playing Russian roulette on RUSSIA?
India is having two dozen military projects with Russia at the moment and a high profile FGFA project is a top-priority for india NSG starved craving to entice RUSSIA again.

On the top of it, Russia had also warned that it will withhold Brahmos source code and refused to allow the supersonic cruise missile to be fitted in any foreign platform without prior approval from Moscow.

With given AID from NATO MODI india perhaps can retract MiG35 buy deal to keep pleasing both NATO and RUSSIA 1-by-1, under circumstances MiG-35 is rejected and what shall be the FATE of selection process of the entire MMRCA deal.

Russia ready to supply advanced air defense missiles to India – official
Mar 29, 2016 - Moscow is awaiting a reply from New Delhi on the supply of S-400 Triumph anti-aircraft missile systems to India, according to Russia's Federal

Research india's NSG rational and who is behind this geo-political game plan (RUSSIA and CHINA must stay on-alert on this)

WAR 3.0 vis-vis INDIA's growing role on WORLD dominance plans!

India is well aware and preparing WAR 3.0 especially keeping in view its greatest adversary CHINA that renders INDIA world dominance covert plan grounded.

India is being COVERTLY backed by NATO and western world to counter CHINA growing MIGHT that is seen as growing threat to NATOs VISION of UNIPOLAR world.



india's role in question or dubious.......


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