The ongoing SAGA of RAPE misnomer

NCW latches on Salman Khan to apologize on 'rape' comment fiasco, despite ULTIMATUM by NCW on Salman Khan for JUN 29 2016

Results of ULTIMATUM: “His remarks were offensive. We have started the proceedings and have summoned him again on July 7 with his lawyer,” Ms. Rahatkar told The Hindu.

The sooner did above started making news and headlines there was finally a suit of about 2 MILLION US$ or 10Crore by female on Salman Khan.

While NCW looking for answers on Hockey Team player on RAPE allegations

The SAGA of RAPE here is, If you love her and leave her, have you raped her? In a world where a woman meets a man on equal terms, can a reciprocal sexual act be later framed as rape?

British hockey player Ashpal Kaur has accused the Indian hockey captain Sardar Singh of sexual harassment and attempt to rape. In her version, he promised to marry her, had a long relationship with her, forced her into an abortion, and finally abandoned her. Her charge has once again drawn attention to the “breach of the promise to marry”, which can, in certain circumstances, amount to rape in India.

What do you make-out-of above facts, I see either prosecution has ADVANCED to next LEVEL or complete failure of 'jury prudence'!

A BROKEN personal PROMISE has become TOOL of TERROR by STATE under RAPE provisions of INDIA, whereby they can now NOT only ARREST but persecute a person on BROKEN PROMISE on very PERSONAL relation where both partners meet on EQUAL TERMS PERSONALLY to begin-with, amazing advancements of 21st CENTURY in-JUSTICE system!

Is RAPE being RAPED raping RAPE using RAPE as a misnomer – sjsrana

However, when have you witnessed prosecution of STATE/officers/government on BROKEN PROMISE made PUBLICLY?

I have overwhelming number of BROKEN PROMISE made PUBLICLY by STATE/OFFICER/GOVERNMENT however, I've never EVER witnessed their ARREST, why???

BROKEN PROMISE by STATE OFFICIALS includes but not limited to failure to protect, failure to serve, failure to provide justice, failure to provide justice in ind, failure to secure, failure to provide financial security, failure to provide job security to ever-growing jobless educated or not, failure to provide quality education, failure to provide health care for all, failure to address or prosecute culprits behind 300,000 innocent farmers SUICIDE in state of INDIA over past 2 decades, and the list is ENDLESS!

Remember, For every minor misdemeanor state ARRESTS, for rest state RESTS

Still are NO ARRESTS by STATE on
more than 300,000 innocent farmer dead over 2decades
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