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Diary of Events; News and Members Art Gallery
Diary of Events; News and Members Art Gallery


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Exhibition: Westlake Golf Course - November 2015
We are proud to present the following CAS Members artwork at the exhibition at Westlake Golf Course:
Roger Melvill, Joy Swift, Vonna Herman and Sylvia Kelly
The exhibition runs for the entire month of November 2015.
All works of art are for sale.
Westlake Golfcourse Exhibition
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Art In Review: October 2015
Monthly Art Challenge - "Local is Lekka!"
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Art In Review: October 2015
DEMO: Portrait by Cyril Coetzee
Cyril Coetzee demonstrated painting a frontal head portrait study of his model Mark.
Cyril advises using a single light source from one side. The artist may try different lighting as their confidence grows. 

He started with a tinted ground of brownish flesh colour to break the white canvas and then used the wiping away technique in between painting with oils and a medium of turps with a very tiny bit of oil added. He finds that if you put too much brown in the first layer the subsequent layers can look quite dirty.
Some colours he used for the portrait were: Naples Yellow/ red, Naples Yellow, Burnt Sienna, French Ultramarine and Alizarin Crimson. 
Use vegetable turpentine or odourless white spirit if you have an allergy to chemical turps. 

Cyril gets a general sense of the whole composition and then starts with a particular area and works out towards the whole. Measuring and mapping distances from the starting point.  

Four keys to drawing:
1. What lines up with what (vertical and horizontal). 
2. Look for angles (e.g. slight downward slant of eyes). 
3. The distance between points. 
4. The positive and negative shapes. 
He advises to try see abstract shapes rather than thinking about how you should paint a nose or chin or lips, etc.

Cyril tends to do glazing over sections of dry paint, rather than the alla prima (wet on wet) direct method. He likes colour in a portrait, to show the luminosity of skin. 
He was trained to paint from life but, for professional portraits, it's not viable. He advises taking a number of photos so that you work from not only one. Stand back when photographing and zoom in, to avoid distorted features. 

Thank you very much Cyril for the wonderful demo. 
Written By: Jen Thom
Photographs By: Hilary Bryan
Edited and Posted By: Margie Haslewood
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Chantelle van Zyl
'My love for nature and animals are combined in my love for art.
I do each piece of art with so as to portray my subject matter in such a way that you may feel that you're seeing it for the first time.
I make use of the advantage of a camera zoom lens to get you to see what you might otherwise not.'
Media: Oils, pencils and pastels
Style: Realism
The attached paintings presented here are:
1. The Sandstorm
2. A Place of the Butterfly
3. On the Way Home
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ART IN REVIEW - September 2015
Monthly Art Challenge - "blooming Wonderful"
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More entries into the CAS Painting Competition - Sounds
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- August 2015 Painting Competition -

This year the theme was "Sounds" and what a fantastic selection of ideas were entered. From musical instruments, playing music to seagulls, storms, children and even quiet places away from any sounds.

The winners as voted by Members were:
1st - Mandy Herdien with her painting "Let the Music Play"
2nd - Lyn Northam with " Cooing Doves"
3rd - Carol Hadfield with "Lost in the Music"
4th - Fran Sexton with "Beach Boogie"
5th - Madeliene Press with "Heavenly Sounds"
6th - Kirsten Slater with "Kalk Bay Harbour storm"

Congratulations to all of you and hope you enjoy spending your vouchers at Deckle Edge!
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Exciting new exhibition at Westlake Golf Course for the month of September 2015
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Still life in oils
By Margie Johnson
Margie set up a simple still-life of enamel containers and pears. She reminded us that for right-handed painters, the still- life should be on the left side and vice versa.
Margie advised a "quick kill" of the white canvas. She used sienna diluted with turps, and a large brush to establish broad shapes and background. She prefers a cloth for wiping out the lighter tones and leaves big, shadowy areas. Positive and negative shapes are equally important.
Margie spoke about the "inside and outside edges" of curved forms and enjoys going "out of edges". She advised us to use bigger brushes than needed. Her palette is limited and for her, tone is more important than colour. Shadows have some of the colour of the objects and are an extension of the objects.
She mixes paint intuitively with a palette knife and works slowly. She does not use medium with her paint as this can affect drying.
A luscious, green pear with a blush of red, was taking shape as she worked, and then her time was up.
Thank you Margie for sharing your expertise and insights with us.
Photos: Hilary Bryan
Written By: Brenda Durham
Edited & posted by: Margie Haslewood
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