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Bullion Baron blogs about Gold, Silver, Stocks and Australian Property. Bullion Baron's blog posts can be found at and
Bullion Baron blogs about Gold, Silver, Stocks and Australian Property. Bullion Baron's blog posts can be found at and

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MacroBusiness Censors Comments At Odds With Narrative
The comments section at MacroBusiness, once a lively space for robust economic discussion, now often acts as little more than an echo chamber. If the response from readers is strong enough in disagreement with the site authors, then those commenting are bel...

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MacroBusiness Perists with War on Cash in Australia
I'm a regular reader, subscriber and intermittent commenter at MacroBusiness (less frequently since my comments started getting trapped in their spam filter or outright deleted when disagreed with). They often produce well thought out arguments on finance a...

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Perth Mint Dragon and Phoenix 2017 1oz Silver Coin
I have another coin recommendation for readers' consideration. That is the:     Perth Mint Dragon and Phoenix 2017 1oz Silver Bullion Coin   I posted a thread about this coin a number of days ago on Silver Stackers to get some market feedback as I thought t...

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Monkey King: A Perth Mint Year of the Monkey Novelty
Earlier this year I recommended a couple of silver bullion coins (for those interested in buying silver), those being the 1oz Perth Mint Silver Koala Coin 2016 and the 1oz Perth Mint Silver Kangaroo Coin 2015 . This post will be a brief coverage of a third ...

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Gold Exposure For Superannuation Without An SMSF
I have written on gold exposure in superannuation without the need for a S elf M anaged S uper F und (SMSF) in past articles here, for example some funds allow direct equity investment. IOOF Employer Super (previously know as Spectrum Super) is one such fun...

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Australian House Prices in Gold / Silver Ounces (2016)
Every 12 months I have been updating the data I keep on Australian house prices measured in ounces of Gold and Silver. Here is the latest update which takes us through to June 2016 (inclusive). Data for house prices is via  Residex  (median house price indi...

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A Common Sense Approach to Picking Gold Miners
A lot of my early posts on this site were about gold (& silver) mining shares, covering which I owned or was looking at in the precious metals space (& why). Over the years I’ve had a number of people email, ask in person, direct message me (on Facebook / T...

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Controversial 1oz Perth Mint 2015 Silver Kangaroo Coin
I sometimes write about a silver bullion coin I can recommend with an expectation that it’s premium will rise over and above the spot value of the metal it contains. My basic plan when buying silver bullion coins is to target those with a limited mintage wh...

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Bull Market in Australian Gold Mining Shares
It has been a long time since I've written about gold mining shares, but thought I would touch on them briefly given the explosive upside action we've seen over the past 6 months. I posted the following on Twitter late last year highlighting the bull market...

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Screw the Taxpayer: ATO Compels GST on Bullion
Iceblue's (pseudonym) face screwed up as he read the letter in front of him. It was early March and the Australian Tax Office (ATO) had just written advising of an upcoming audit they intended to conduct on his business, South Gippsland Bullion (SGB). They ...
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