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Lisa Crouch
I am me: I write for a living and geek-out for fun
I am me: I write for a living and geek-out for fun


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I nicked this from Dem, because it's awesome.

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Interesting snapshot of social media reach.
Some interesting metrics regarding my blog, Facebook, and Google Plus. 

I recently wrote a post on my blog about a memorable experience I had at MegaCon. I notified Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook when it was posted.

A few hours later, I excerpted the most important part, and I posted that on Facebook and Google Plus.

Here are some interesting numbers.

Total views directly on my blog since it was posted: Approximately 18,000.
Total number of comments: 

Total +1s on Google Plus: 1956
Total shares on Google Plus: 413
Total comments on Google Plus: 270

Total number of likes on Facebook: 13,858
Total number of shares on Facebook: 5,577
Total number of comments on Facebook: 1,625

So clearly Facebook has more interaction than anything else, which could be skewed a bit -- actually, almost certainly is skewed -- because a number of blogs and media sites picked up the post from Facebook, wrote stories, and linked back to that post. 

But is it really skewed? The exact same story is on my blog and Google Plus, but the only place it went anything close to viral (by my measurement, which is not the standard) was on Facebook. 

This is entirely non-scientific, of course, but it’s still very interesting.

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Fascinating. All of my profile pics were taken by myself, so there you go...

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I find myself on this site at least several times a week. It's addictive. Did you know where "on the QT" comes from? Neither did I. I do now.

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Great fellow. Takes smashing photos.

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The internet is running out of ideas.

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Dem gave me Mclusky weeks ago and I still can't stop listening to it. Share the madness.
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