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We are Providing Financial Services in Santa Ana
We are Providing Financial Services in Santa Ana


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When your wallet says NO! We say Yes…

While it would be great if we all had enough money to fund all of life’s expenses without worry, we know that’s not the case. Sometimes we have to borrow a little to keep moving forward, and that’s when a personal loan can be a good solution.
we are here to help you so come and avail this opportunity
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Are you looking to borrow some cash for whatever reason but the banks and financial institutions tell you your credit is not good enough or you don’t qualify for some silly reason? If this is you, then this BLOG has your name written on it. You deserve the opportunity just like everyone else to borrow money and here at Main International Group we can make that happen for you quickly, with no credit check, or crazy requirements. You heard us correct, NO CREDIT CHECK. Loans starting at $2,600.00 all the way up to $50,000 depending on the value of your car. Now the best part, we can have a pre-approval for you within 5 minutes and have the cash in you hand in under one hour.

Keep in mind, car title loans can be a tricky thing so you need to make sure that you get it from a trustworthy company, such as Main International Group Corp. who have provided financial services to the residents of Los Angeles and Orange Counties for over 30 years. But what exactly is an auto title loan, and what do you need to consider before applying for it, and what benefits will it bring to you if you apply for the loan at Main International Group Corp.?

The auto title loan is a type of loan which requires you to use your car as a collateral. That means that you will be given money based on the value of your car. Safe, Fast and Reliable that is Main International, weather your car is paid off or not, we have money waiting for you. AND whatever your needs, from paying taxes to going on a well-deserved vacation Main International Group is always here to help. Today we offer personal loans from $300.00 to $2600,00 and for those of you who need more funds than that, a car title Loan starting at $2600.00 and going all the way up to $50,000.00 is quickly available, we have your money right here and right now.

Main International Group is a family owned business which provides different financial services to suit the needs of our customers. The demand was so high for the Auto Title loans with clients telling us they needed additional assistance and access to more money than just the $2600 we offer for our personal loans that we took a leap of faith and set up Auto Title Loans $2600.00 dollars to $50K, Main International is a leader in financial support for all our customers.

All in all, car title loans might be an alternative that you want to consider when you are going through some financial insecurities. You will have excellent buying power, no headaches or issues about credit, borrow any amount you like up to $50,000.00 as long as your auto has the value. Paid off or not your auto may still be the answer to your financial needs and the best thing no early payoff fees. That’s right you can pay off the loan at any time, borrow for a month or 3 years, when you pay off the loan you get your title back immediately and NO EARLY CANCELLATION FEES…. EVER
Loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law license number 60DBO-58375.
Call us today and let us show you what great customer service is all about. Thanks…/
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It is common to see people with big ideas - both in life and as an entrepreneur but those who want to achieve them right away oftentimes give up midway or fail before even trying after realizing how time- and money that goal might turn out to be. Those people end up always wondering if they made the right decision by stopping because they failed to see the bigger picture. Bottom line, they miss out on the fact that they needed to take small steps to bring their ultimate idea to life.

First, to achieve that business idea that you are aiming at, you should know that it is perfectly fine to think big. Some great entrepreneurs would even argue it is a must that you have a vision that might even seem crazy to the ordinary observer. It may very well be that what you are considering is something radical and never done before! Such ideas involve a lot of risk, resources, and commitment but entrepreneurs will tell you, by far, they are the most rewarding in the end. Still BEWARE.

Still, one of the most important things to do especially at the early stages of your starting a business is to outline the small steps, a simple business plan, that will keep you on track to build the base of your business. Do you need to have your own company, or can you start as part of someone else's business and branch out? Will you be working on your plan with a group of people or at first working alone? What is the essence of the thing you want to do? A simple business plan will help you open the doors, and support from will give you the financial tools you need to make it all happen.

Just as a basic example, say, if your passion is sewing and you want to create a tailor’s brand that will one day expand worldwide, the small start that you may need is, for instance, sewing alone at first, selling your services locally at first and as you see that the demand is higher and higher you get to learn what is popular and what you could potentially sell out nation-wide. You may not even realize how the years go by and after a lot of effort, research, hard work, you may start exporting your products abroad. Again, it does not happen overnight. Thinking big and having a concrete vision keeps you on tract but starting small pays out more than you might think.

Main International Group wants to support your business endeavors, so come by at one of our numerous locations and get your personal loan now fast and without complications. We would gladly help you finance those first small steps in your business. We value your time and effort, that is why your wait for approval is very short. You might get your hands on the cash in only a matter of hours. If you want true success in your business and you want to reap the fruit from your efforts timely, starting small is the way to go. And even if you need a bigger amount we still have what to offer you - simply browse through our various services.

The Main International Group, helping the people in our community one person at a time. Service, Selection, and our personal touch keep our customers coming back again and again. Now it is time for you to consider find out what exceptional service is all about.
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Main International Group – We know how to say, “You’re Approved” when other lenders fail.

Please note, this is the information you will need to have available when our friendly agent calls:
• Full mame
• Address including street, city, state, zip code
• Phone – home & cell
• Email address
• Year, make and model of your vehicle
• Mileage
• Is it paid off and if you still have a balance, how much do you owe? Name of company currently financing your vehicle
• Amount Requested.
+Main International Group
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It is well known that nowadays your credit score is very important when it comes to applying for a credit and you should definitely keep it in mind when managing your finances. In fact, the way you manage your finances and due payments is to a great extent what determines your credit score and as a result, shrinks or boosts your future opportunities to be approved for a loan, especially when it comes to bank loans. That is why, Main International Group who offers you various financial services Personal Loans and Vehicle Title Loans, and advice to help you to get a better credit score.
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"We are always looking for ways to assist our customers we hope this bit of
information will assist you and your children

Main International Group" In today’s day and age, it is becoming more and more important to have a proper financial education. So many people nowadays are losing a lot of money as a result of not managing their finances properly. So it goes on without saying that knowing how money works can save a lot of trouble for your kids both in their early age and in their future as adults. Main International Group is here to help you give the best of financial lessons to your children so that they will have good financial prospects.

Well, to begin with, be sure to talk about it. That may seem like common sense but researches show that most parents are more comfortable talking about bullying, smoking, and drugs with their children, rather than discussing things like the family budget or investments. Important conversations to start with a child from a very early age (experts suggests even as little as 3-year-olds as that is usually the age when they realise that you are using money to buy various things.) How you get your money, why did you choose the job or career path you are on etc. Most importantly, the child needs to become aware of the fact that money doesn’t grow on trees but is a means that people use in exchange for services and goods.

So, now your kid has an overall idea of what money is for and has learned about ways of earning money. Eventually comes the time when you start giving them daily/weekly/monthly allowance. This is a great opportunity to teach your child about budgeting. Spend time explaining to the youngster how you decide on what to buy in the supermarket and make sure they understand the difference between essentials and non-essentials. Teach the child to save money for more expensive things that they might want to buy but above all, help them distinguish between things they need and things they want.

Next, you need to build a sense of financial responsibility in your child. Setting up a bank account for them in high school is certainly a good idea and if they are able to manage it themselves, whilst taking their first steps in the working world, they will be ready to manage even harder financial endeavors such as a credit. At about that time you could also go on to familiarise them with the idea of investment. Teach them about the rewards that they can get if they are financially responsible and patient enough.

Lastly, you need to prepare the youngster to become a responsible citizen of society – and that means introducing them to the bills. Everyone has to pay their taxes, no matter how financially successful they might be. Yes, recently there have been citizen education classes in high schools where topics like that are brought up, but still, you need to make sure that your child knows what the point of taxes are – not a burden but something that keeps the state going.

We hope that information like this will assist you and your children to get a better understanding on what it takes to take on responsibility at any level. We are always here to help from International Wires to Personal Loans, think Main International Group. We are the ones with the smiling faces and friendly service.
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We have all done some really strange things as children – some of which we are proud of, others – not so much. But as is the case with any period in our lives, there are things we can learn from it – habits we might want to keep and, on the other hand, ways of thinking we’d better do away with. So, here are some of your childhood habits when it comes to financing which you should persist on doing in order to secure a stable financial future.

The most obvious one is the piggy bank. It might sound pretty childish and ineffective but the ones who continued using that trick as adults, know how surprisingly well it works. For instance, if you want to save for a nice trip at the end of the year which costs, let’s say $1,000, you need to save about $2,74 every day in a course of one year. In other words, you just need to skip that McDonald’s visit or that cappuccino at Starbucks and supplement them with meals and drinks at home. It is doable and not at all complicated, but one needs the same perseverance and motivation that a child would have when saving for a cool new game or a present for a friend or family member.

If you happen to have been born in a middle-class household like most Americans, you also have been taught as a child how living in frugality can be used to your advantage. Once again, there is no reason to do away with a frugal life (as long as it doesn’t drive you insane, of course), if that will help you achieve your financial goals. Some people who grew up in such a frugal environment end up overspending for completely unnecessary things because they felt deprived as children. On the other hand, those of us who got used to turning off the lights when not used, keeping the temperature a little bit lower (when this doesn’t harm the health and well-being of anyone around), avoiding the sweets section in supermarkets and going to more reasonably-priced restaurants, off the main streets of big cities, are on the right way towards acquiring the golden discipline needed for a healthy financial lifestyle.

If you are one of those kids who spared the cents they got left in their pocket from the day, putting them in a box of the Red Cross or got involved in charity in other ways, you have probably already guessed the last thing we want to discuss. We all know that by donating to charity we get the opportunity to help the poor or in a way be a part of someone getting a life-saving surgery. But did you know that if you make this a financial habit of yours, you can also benefit from it? One example is writing off donations on your tax return – this is possible if you donated to any IRS-approved charity. This financial habit is also helpful because it improves your money management, while, in the same time, you help those in need.

Main International Group is always looking for ways to assist our customers, their children and family overall. These are just some small tips you can consider if you and the family want to go on a great vacation, buy a car or just do something fun. This is the reason why Main International Group has developed all the additional programs we bring to our clients.

Personal Loans, Auto Title Loans, We Buy Gold, Vehicle Registration and all of our standard services. We want to be there when you need help or just a helping hand. You can count on Main International Group to develop programs that assist our clients. We CARE.…/
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Our goal at Main International Group Corp. Build local locations is to meet your every financial need. Because we are a privately-owned business, we offer you more flexibility. Always finding ways to better serve our customer, like our latest addition, the new Title and Personal Loans programs plus our No Waiting vehicle registration product. We never forget we built our business on cashing checks and today it is still the same, we cash checks that many of our competitors are unable to cash and we do not have an amount limit on cashing checks.
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