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Bringing Modders Together


Our apologies for the recent outage.
We are working on determining the cause and issue and why the system rebooted itself and verifying its integrity before bringing back up for access.

We're contacting the service provider to determine why a local access unclean reboot was forced on the machine, in addition to confirming details about any rumored outages that initially occurred prior to the reboot.

More information as it happens, and our apologies on the downtime. We'll have things back up and running as soon as we have a high confidence of understanding what happened and that things are secure.
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Meh. Whatever.

This, too, shall pass.
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Well, it seems some people just cannot stand to let other people have fun.

I'm talking about our current down time which was caused by yet again, some form of a redirector sidejack that managed to embed itself (despite more restrictive directory permissions being set) into a variety of PHP, HTML and JS files. In fact, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that we got re-imaged from a contaminated source backup.

I'll give credit to the persistence of whom/whatever is responsible. And credit to how fast they work in terms of how much got hit.

But I would really like it if they would stop already. Because it's not helping anything. We're not staying down, no matter what. And we don't need to have whatever vulnerability that is being exploited constantly hit 'fer teh lulz' because you think it will send us a message.

We're all full time employed people, managing this (amongst other things) in our free time and at largely our own expense.

So, just stop already. You're not being 'clever' or 'leet', you're just being a dick.

And if you think being a dick is all fun and games and 'no big deal', we'll see how much you like me returning the favor.

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In some site and Community related news, Newsletter!

Axem, quite possibly one of the busiest people ever, has taken to producing two Community Newsletters for the public, outlining some of the many things that have been going on. (The latest one is linked here)

Stop by and give it a read. If you have the time, participate in the screenshot contest as well!
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Better late than never, we have a Build Announcement!

We've finally finished with the long haul through Mantis Issues to release 3.6.16! This new build also gives us the opportunity to release features that didn't make it into the 3.6.14 Release and brings better compatibility to being able to play Diaspora with the regular builds.
The bug fixing drive by the SCP Coders and affiliates marks quite possibly the largest group collaboration of bug fixing that we've ever recently had, but it's not stopping there.

Up next, we begin the process of merging our Antipodes branch into Trunk, bringing with it the new Pilot file code that has been long anticipated. This merge will also give us the ability to resume tackling some of the longer standing issues we have on Mantis that are Pilot/Red Alert related and will also free Antipodes up for further enhancements.

In other news, we are also currently looking into the feasible potential of assuming a github repository. Nothing 'Officially' has been decided yet, but we are in the process of testing the adoption out and seeing how well it might work out for us. While there is a lot of enthusiasm for embracing this move, we do still need to be mindful that as an Open Source project, we need to maintain accessibility.
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And in other news, ... DESERT BUS! You should be watching, seriously.
They've managed to hit a total of 1 million lifetime donations and have had wonderful guests, hijinks and even a Shatner tweet conversation!
#childsplaycharity #desertbus  
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And thanks to some co-ordination with the Twitter manager, you can now get G+ page updates there.
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And another post by the Fearless Zacam

Regarding HLP Site:
So, after getting everything sussed out and back up to running, I've decided to contract some penetration testing for the site with some reliable people, to help try and mitigate any future compromises to the site and forums.

Especially since we now have some rather significant drive space reclaimed, we'll be looking at doing whatever upgrade or configuration changes are necessary, but hopefully MUCH more closer to the scheduled maintenance windows so as not to unduly inconvenience any visitors.

Look forward for more news as it happens.

Regarding SCP:
We are quickly approaching what we well hope will be a Stable 3.6.16. We were not planning on a 3.6.16 build, but with how long 3.6.14 took to release with no nightlies, we felt it was much more appropriate to the public to give them a stable build with some of the features that didn't make it into Trunk during the RC Phase. This will give us a Public Release build that will be much more current as well as Diaspora compatible and validate Trunk for the next big Release: 3.7.0 and the Pilot Code.

So, what can YOU do to prepare for 3.7.0? Make sure you are running an Inferno build currently or convert your pilots to Inferno builds. Feel free to post in our Help and Support board if you have any questions regarding how to do that. We've been making "Inferno" builds the new "Standard" and that will be especially crucial for 3.7.0.

Another thing coming with our Transition to 3.7.x will come the ability to expand our controls recognition and configuration. The Pilot code changes help make this even easier to accomplish.

Regarding MediaVPs:
The aged 3.6.12 MediaVPs (aside from the bundled Shaders) will still continue to work well in the 3.6.14 and 3.6.16 builds. But don't despair! We will be shortly starting to finalize and doing the things that we do in order to prepare for a Release during the 3.7.0 cycle. Expect to see a wide plethora of upgraded models and maps coming your way as well as some hopefully delightful cosmetic interface elements. This has been a long time coming, and we want to make sure that it has been well worth the wait.
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Zacam here again:
When it rains, it pours. So, after staving off some malicious drive by .JS hacks we suddenly run out of drive space due to logging not rotating. This led to (or wasn't helping) a database corruption issue that took place when the system unexpectedly restarted at approx 5am Pacific time on Saturday.

Database repair is occurring now, but IF things go wrong, we may lose member posts and PM's since the last backup occurred on Wednesday. The drive space and logging issue has been addressed.

I also cannot stress enough how much thanks rev_posix deserves for being the Ultimate Guru in getting this done.
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Has anyone received any Topic Reply Notification emails from the forums in the last 12 hours, and/or in the last 30 mins? - Sandwich
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