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Philippe M. MeshWeaver
Geeky Blenderhead obsessed with topology & modelling in general.
Geeky Blenderhead obsessed with topology & modelling in general.

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I can understand why someone would want to protect an invention or development - it's only human. We take pride in our accomplishments. The problem is that both old & new copyright/patent laws have always been twisted & abused, usually out of plain ol' greed; which, sadly enough, is also a very human thing.

Here's hoping the open-source communities around the globe will continue to help change this!

Thanks +Nixie Pixel for sharing the quote!
Incoming: Best quote ever:
“Over-protecting intellectual property is as harmful as under-protecting it. Culture is impossible without a rich public domain...

Nothing today, like nothing since we tamed fire, is genuinely new. Culture, like science and technology, grows by accretion, each new creator building on the works of those who came before.

Overprotection stifles the very creative forces it is supposed to nurture."  - 7th court of appeal circuit judge Alex Kozinski copyright ruling

p.s - Thanks for all your advice about the Youtube smackdowns!

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About to change the thermal paste on my CPU for the first time. A bit nervous. Gonna do some double-checking. #PC #cleaning #hardware

The amount of dust currently residing comfortably in my PC case is deplorable. Maybe I shouldn't have put off cleaning it so often #laziness

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Some pretty amazing modeling+rendering right here :)
Hey here is a picture of a blend that I did.  I was told that clipping would help modelling and I have received some good info from people both here and on blend swap where the blend is actually posted. 

So glad I've gotten back into the creative flow of things. Currently rediscovering the infuriating wonderment of #topology :) #b3d #modelling

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Really amazing stuff - combining Rigid Body physics with Armature tracking to create real-time cloth. #b3d
yep... I'm super serious about this. It is a super stable, realtime cloth simulation xD
Rigid body objects connected with 'point' constraints to each other, tracked by an armature system which deforms the cloth. Now that's how you solve problems in Blender!
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Digital painting program #Krita on Steam? Yes please! Can never have too much cross-platform OSS :)
Let's get Krita on Steam! If you're a Steam user, cast your vote for Krita!

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Where the  f**k are those diamonds!?

The Minecraft Google+ Community:
The daily dose of Minecraft.
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So the page is in Japanese, but there's a sample of a brand-new track (AFAIK) by #supercell , to be featured on their next album called ZIGAEXPERIENTIA. Sounds great to me, can't wait! #geekingout   #music

Also in my set of surprises for today, this little bit of geeky news:

Needless to say, I seriously geeked out. Not to mention a manga could potentially mean an anime series too. Here's hoping! #Asimov   #Foundation   #manga
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