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Tom Johnson
@TDJ1937 on Twitter pro wrestling and video game lover
@TDJ1937 on Twitter pro wrestling and video game lover
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Lovin my Xbox one ❤❤❤

If you follow me on twitter @TDJ1937 I'll follow you back. 

If your a veteran player who is sick of lame auto levels and courses made by 5 year olds then here are some levels that actually provide a nice challenge.
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I just downloaded mega man legacy collection and I am very rusty!!! Iam starting with part 6 because I remember that being the easiest. Any tips for the boss order? 

Could someone please be so kind to send me a preview program invite? Iam dying to play super meat boy

If anybody would be kind enough to send me an invite to the preview program I would be very appreciative. Dying to play super meat boy. My tag is Kinghiss1937 

I am going for the achievement on Rayman Legends for beating a friends score on the challenges. If you are too let's be friends. I am also playing Garden Warfare and titanfall online 

Is there anybody competent that wants to help me beat garden ops on crazy. All I get is idiots who hide and don't revive people. I am so sick of players that pick the flower yet refuse to heal or even stay in the same area your supposed to defend. 

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Happy Sunday to all of my Google friends! Peace and love
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