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Century Skyline Apartments
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396 Piedmont Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30308
396 Piedmont Avenue NortheastUSGeorgiaAtlanta30308
Apartment BuildingToday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
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Apartments near Midtown, Piedmont Park and Marta.
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"Don't let the pool and rooftop clubhouse fool you."
2 reviewers
"That's unacceptable for this type of apartment and location."
"First, our amenities have been stolen and the management has not replaced."
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Christine Lascols's profile photo
Christine Lascols
a month ago
If I could give 0 stars, I would. As other reviewers said, this place is A TRAP and a JOKE! There is no maintenance, an incompetent team with a manager who will be very nice to get you in, and after a couple months the problems arise! Once they know that you like your apartment, then they raise the price: 7% this year for NO REASON! No improvement in maintenance, no upgrade in apartments!!! That's unacceptable for this type of apartment and location. They seem to forget that they are close to a shelter and not in Midtown so their prices should be lower!!!! Also, no negotiation possible, they are hiding behind a computer for rates!!! DO NOT RENT HERE, YOU WILL REGRET IT!
• • •
Harley Gonzales's profile photo
Harley Gonzales
5 months ago
great apartments! I love the features of the homes inside. lovely downtown views
Dj Ross
a year ago
A Google User
2 years ago
05/03/12 So it's time for my next review. I have changed my approval rating of the complex. It has now been almost two months since we moved in. I have to start by saying I love the inside of my apartment. When I'm inside the four walls of my place I can escape everyone else. There have been a few minor things about my complex that I think management should address. 1. The parking. Because of the lack of visitor parking and the fact that visitor parking is always full, the parking situation has become a mess. Frankly they could do a few things different. Now resident's guest are supposed to park on your level behind the gate. Sounds great right? Well the way that a guest gets up to your level and past the gate is to use the call box and can be buzzed up. To do this people have to get out of their car and walk to the box. This creates a traffic jam, and forces another resident to have to let them in. I don't like doing this because I don't know that person, and if I'm going to let anyone behind the gate, what's the point of it? Also on nights that the Atlanta Civic Center has an event people unrelated to the complex park in our deck leaving no spaces for residents. Management should move the gate up one floor so that there is more visitor parking outside the gate. They should also instal an arm so that only one car can pass through at a time, preventing people from tailgating. 2. Trash. There is a no box policy down the shoot. So therefore residents will leave boxes outside the shoot. This is against policy, but I think is okay. What I have a problem with is my nasty neighbors who are too lazy to put their other trash down the shoot. 3. there is an apartment on the fourth floor, in which I live, that is very noisy. I don't think that the individuals that live inside get along because they are constantly screaming at one another. This usually takes place around the first because I have personally witnessed, a woman screaming and clapping her hands at a young man saying, "Give me my money! Give me my MONEY!" I can understand this, however every month is kinda ridiculous. But girl if I were in your situation, I'd be screaming too! I live on Piedmont Ave side and so far has been pretty good, other than those listed above. The parking is the biggest thing for me.
• • •
Melanie Carter's profile photo
Melanie Carter
6 months ago
Review update: this place is all show. No maintenance. No follow through. Basically, unless it's going to show well for new tenant, it's not going to happen. They also do not respect our apartments, and will enter when they wish even if you own a dog as I do.
Ian Barton's profile photo
Ian Barton
4 years ago
DO NOT MOVE HERE!! IT'S A TRAP!!!! I was an original renter here when the whole complex had just opened for business back in June 2010. I moved into a brand new top floor apartment, which I've been receiving a concession rate on of $999/mo (market value is a ripoff of $1200) for an 875 sq foot 1bed/1bath apartment. Since I've lived here, minimal efforts have been made by the management to increase the level of security here. Let me list off everything that I know has been stolen from here. Keep in mind that nobody was ever caught for any of these crimes. First, our amenities have been stolen and the management has not replaced. This includes the Mac computer in the business room attached to the lounge was stolen, never replaced. The TV's in the clubhouse on the roof top were stolen after someone THREW A BRICK THROUGH THE GLASS. I'm surprised that the Starbucks machine in the lounge (that never gets refilled) and random gym equipment hasn't gotten jacked yet. The parking garage here is the WORST of it's kind. Remember, this is less than a year old, and is already FULL of dirt, dust, random trash and leftover construction materials that never got hauled away that people run over with their cars (seen it happen). There are also a handful of vehicles that have been abandoned and left to rot after mechanical failures. Management has been notified and doesn't care. The security in the parking garage is laughable. They claim to have cameras to catch thieves, but we get crime notices almost weekly now. It's extremely easy for any outsider to follow anyone in through the gate and have access to smash and grab from any car they please. The gate has NO mechanical arms that you see at other complexes to prevent being followed in by another car, which happens ALL day, EVERY DAY. Again, management does not care, and said in security meetings that it's "too expensive" to have arms installed. Give me a break. On three separate occasions I've driven down and seen multiple cars up on blocks with their rims stolen, and cars with smashed glass that have clearly been burglarized. People follow residents through the gate, SPEED like CRAZY through the garage and BLAST rap music at all hours. Management does not enforce rules against this, ever. Marquis Vista also has regular apartment break-ins and thefts. I have a stack of crime notices that management has put in my door to notify me of these over the past year. There are some major contributing factors to why Marquis Vista is such an unsafe place to live. The biggest of which is the fact that the Peachtree-Pine homeless shelter is less than two blocks away, and there are constantly homeless people wandering in through the always open gates and scoping out their next theft. This shelter was supposed to have it's 600+ male residents evicted and moved into transitional programs, but the Atlanta Task Force for the homeless (and the delusional couple that runs it) has been digging their feet into the ground despite owing MILLIONS of dollars in past due utility bills for the building. The shelter does nothing but facilitate criminals, drug addicts, and loiterers that come into the neighborhoods on a daily basis and make the surrounding community an eyesore to Atlanta. Don't let the pool and rooftop clubhouse fool you. If there's something at Marquis Vista that you like, trust me, it will be stolen before you move out. The water in the pool will probably be stolen before this summer is over. DO NOT MOVE HERE, IT'S A TRAP!!!!
• • •
A Google User
3 years ago
I relocated to Atlanta about four months ago for a work assignment. Marquis Vista leasing staff was extremely helpful with working with me to become familiar with the area and community, before I actually arrived in Atlanta. I was able visit the property when I came down for orientation and fell in love with the building, staff and location. At first, I was hesitant about signing a 12 month lease since I was totally green to the city….I am happy I decided to sign a 12 month lease , because this place truly feels like home!
• • •
A Google User
3 years ago
People Who Fight In Public. That is the perfect way to describe the people who live here. They are loud, disrespectful, and rude. They leave garbage in the hallways, double park, drive like maniacs in the garage (I'm not kidding you, I feel like that parking garage is as dangerous as trying to cross a 4 lane highway--I honestly feel like I'm risking my life each time I walk to my car), slam doors, cry in the hallways, scream at each other in the courtyard (happening now as I write this). The Friday & Saturday parties that last until 4AM are the BEST. It will start out with rap music that will shake your walls, and eventually they will move out on the porch or into the courtyard, yelling, screaming, laughing, hawking loogies, and generally being giant douchebags. Right now it's 830 on a Friday night and the rap music has been going nonstop for hours. There's a woman on her porch right now asking them if they will turn the music down. They won't, and they're actually yelling at her and calling her names. Just think of the worst possible combination of a human being that you can imagine--that would be who lives here. Or more apt, who makes living here miserable for everyone else. The first week I moved here I called the cops on my neighbors because 3 guys were threatening to "come and find" a woman who politely asked them to be quiet (it was 3AM and they had been arguing in the courtyard for hours). I was afraid for the woman as I could hear the guys running the halls trying to find her. The 3rd week I came in to find Atlanta Police Department and in the parking deck. I peeked in the courtyard and saw crime scene tape. Apparently there was a fight between two roommates and one of the roommates got thrown off a 4th floor balcony. Like I said, People Who Fight In Public. The next week I heard a few loud pops in the parking garage, and the immediately after a female screaming and crying, "Oh my god! I can't believe you did that!" alternating with "Oh my God! Let me go! Let me GO!!!". My first reaction was someone got shot, beat up, raped, or any combination of the three. The female was absolutely hysterical, screaming the above sentences over and over for at least 20 minutes. There were several of us out on our porches listening, and wondering what, if anything, we should do. When a guy came out and asked me if I knew what was happening I said, "It sounds like someone is being murdered." He said, "Yeah, that's what I thought too." Eventually the noise stopped, and we never found out what happened. People complain about the homeless shelter being a block and a half away. Honestly, those men never come around here, and I don't feel threatened by them. I drive by it/them on a daily basis and it's totally weird and sad and creepy, but it doesn't affect my life at Marquis Vista. What affects my life are the disgusting human trash bags they allow to live here.
• • •


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