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Squirrel Saturday

I don't know about you, but I've been waiting all week for Saturday!  Best day of the week!

I will be in South Carolina celebrating my grandmother's birthday (99 years old today!), so +Caryn Eve Murray has so kindly agreed to help +Skippy Sheeskin with curating responsibilities while I'm away. Don't forget to use the hashtag #SquirrelSaturday  in your posts so we can find your photos.

Our contributors are THE BEST on G+!  Can't wait to see your posts when I get back on Sunday!
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다람쥐 그놈 참 예쁘네요
Can't get enough of this cutie! Have a great time celebrating Grandma's birthday, +SE Blackwell!
+Skippy Sheeskin I shoot with a Canon Rebel camera and for squirrels and chippies I use a Sigma 70-300 lens so I can get nice and close :)
Haha, great shot! I always think they've got the hands and feet of a werewolf!