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Just so I remember to watch later

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Bethany & David, My Precious Children... This is why #AmericanHistory MATTERS!  I'm so very proud of current veterans willing to stand up for veterans long gone.  Thanks from my heart to Dr. Huskins!  Deo Vindice!  Your loving & devoted Mama  
Black Mountain, NC
Letter to Blue Ridge Assembly Board
Dear Mr. Eckel:
As a retired US veteran and a native Tarheel, I am very disappointed and saddened by your board decision to remove the name of Robert E. Lee from the building at Blue Ridge Assembly.
There is no finer example of a Christian veteran who nobly served his nation and his state than Gen. Robert E. Lee, who inspired many in the South and beyond to serve their country.  Many were the Southern soldiers at Normandy Beach, on the Inchon Peninsula in Korea, and in the rice paddies of Viet Nam who, compelled by the example of Gen. Lee,  gave their lives on its behalf. 
I,  too, was inspired by Gen. Lee when I was an adolescent and subsequently avoided many of the vices that plagued my peers.  Lee’s example inspired me to join the military where I honorably served the United States for over 24 years.  I continue to serve my country as an eye care provider at a VA Hospital.
It is indeed a sad day in America when “political correctness” trumps truth and when past heroes are judged according to 21st century standards.   Your decision to rename Lee Hall makes me very reticent to donate to your organization, and, as a result, I will tell my family, friends, and colleagues of this myopic decision.  
I would hope you and the Board at Blue Ridge Assembly will rethink your decision. 
Thank you for your time!
Dr. Arnold M. Huskins

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Cat Dresses As Princess Jasmine, Rides Magic Carpet-Roomba For Your Entertainment

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Big gov't needs to go boom
"...Whether this (American Independence) will prove a blessing or a curse, will depend upon the use our people make of the blessings which a gracious God hath bestowed on us... Righteousness alone can exalt them as a nation. Reader! whoever thou art, remember this; and in thy sphere practise virtue thyself, and encourage it in others." - P. HENRY
(note attached to 1799 will "to posterity" 

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Balto stared Puff down for like 5 mins lol

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Please sign and get rid of Obama!!!

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Attack of the swans again

A Guy Fought Off A Swan To Save Its Offspring And He's The British Hero We Deserve
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