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Lovely. Lol xD
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+Dan Jones seriously? Because I'd be rofl if that was true
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It’s almost here! Free Cone Day is TOMORROW!! April 8th, 2014. Plan ahead and visit your local scoop shop from 12:00-8:00 pm in the US. Times in other countries may vary, so please see the information on their websites for details.
#icecream   #freeconeday   #freeconeday2014  
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Oreo and Peanut Butter Brownie Cakes.

Please Follow: +Creative Ideas 
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Oh yea....
Mini Red Velvet Cheesecakes with Chocolate Ganache and Oreo Topping Love velvet cake? oreos? chocolate? well we got you covered here all in one sweet dessert that will make your taste buds cry. soo delicious with crunch of oreos.and chocolate drippings  MMMM yummy!! bake some today!! wanna a piece?
via photo recipe link | Chelsea's Messy Apron
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mouth watering
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Oh yesss!
Espresso is a symphony of sound, aroma, and smiles. #coffeethursday  
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A lot of days are like house plants; you have to help them grow before they are what you want them to be, but they also can die and wither before you get to enjoy them.
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May his memory be eternal!! +++
The initial shock of losing our archbishop has not yet worn off.  Life will go on, the Church will continue to grow and thrive, but we will miss the man we have earnestly called our Father in Christ.  We pray for another man of vision, a man of God, a man of prayer to guide this God-protected archdiocese. 
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Michelle Z

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Double chocolate coconut coffee cake
With homemade Mascarpone icing
Tina's cookings turns 4 today! :)
So to celebrate, I give you a rich and indulging dessert :)
Smooth and rich, with a tender crumb and creamy icing, it is sure to knock you off your feet :)
#cake   #chocolate   #mascarpone   #easyrecipes   #desserts   #food   #recipes   #birthdaycake   #tinascookings   #foodphotography  
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Michelle Z

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Heck, I'll just hold the door for them!
Don't chase people. Work hard and be you. The right people who belong in your life will come find you and stay do your thing.

#Quote #Quotes   #Life   #motivation   #inspiration   #People  
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Ya gotta keep on goin', but don't forget to stop and smell the Starbucks once in awhile! And I'm beginning to realize...I am increasingly ridiculous. In every possible sense of the word.
Fable by- Janos Pilinszky
   A Holocaust Poem

Once upon a time
there was a lonely wolf
lonelier than the angels.
He happened to come to a village.
He fell in love with the first house he saw.
Already he loved its walls
the caresses of its bricklayers.
But the windows stopped him.
In the room sat people.
Apart from God nobody ever
found them so beautiful
as this child-like beast.
So at night he went into the house.
He stopped in the middle of the room
and never moved from there any more.
He stood all through the night, with wide eyes
and on into the morning when he was beaten to death.

[my favorite poem. ever.]
Bragging rights
Barely got through high school and going through too much still!
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