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Numeric Noise
Rediscovering music, one bar at a time.
Rediscovering music, one bar at a time.


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If you're interested in film music, watch this:

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My latest video compares the 21 variations of the "LA Custom C7 Grand Piano" and demoes the base sound of the other keyboard instruments contained in Spectrasonics' "Keyscape Library".

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My latest video is a tutorial looking at the different ways of integrating Maschine 2 into Logic Pro X.

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Roland Integra-7 vs. Roland D-50/D-550

Roland offers a pack of patches to emulate the legendary D-50 on the Integra-7 sound module. As you can hear and see in these short examples some of the sounds come close, others not so much.

Don't let these sounds fool you! The Integra-7 is an excellent sound module but it just goes to show that if you want D-50 sounds it's better to get a D-50/D-550 in the first place...

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This is an experiment in only using an iPad for creating this piece. It was written for a (private) time lapse video (also created solely on iOS devices).

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This sure sounds very interesting:

At long last a new tune! First tune produced under Logic Pro X and experimental use of Maschine.


Splitting up

As of today I will be splitting up my posts into a few categories. Followers may opt to receive messages on any or all of the following topics:

- General, such as this post
- Hardware discussions
- Software discussions
- Discussion of my current music
- Discussion of my musical history
- Discussion of other music, professional or not

New Studio Computer

The new Mac mini to drive my studio has finally arrived. It took almost two days of installation and configuration to get the system where I wanted it.

... with all of this behind me, let's get on with it!
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