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Cormac Ryan
Inspirational and uplifting phrase or comment.
Inspirational and uplifting phrase or comment.

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Still Alive
I am still alive. No doubt this will be greeted with joy by the contingent of fans from russia and with immense indifference from that guy that subscribed to me. Previously on Out-Blog I was still in Limerick and in a fairly bad place. Now I'm in Shannon.  ...

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In short.
So not much has happened since June and since my last blog post, so enjoy some music , pop on the kettle and get settled in. After breaking my wrist I got fairly bummed out.  That was my summer gone.  So I've been keeping busy with a welding course, making ...

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I was climbing 'hopeless acts of desperation'. I placed a cam where I should have placed a nut. I quested up, got pumped and down-climbed as far as I could. I jumped off. The cam blew out of the placement. Then the rest of the gear came out. At some point I...

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Gap Meet
I was at the Gap meet and it was lovely to see so many new and old faces.  Richard did a good job bring all of us together. I was psyched to get on some cool route but I ended up getting well and truely spanked. The first thing I got on was a sandbag E2 at ...

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Is I old? I guess I feel like hammered shit to use the words of the wise sage Kris Kristofferson. But old seems like a stretch. My health seems to be in a slow decline as of late. I feel like I'm being spread thin. I'll sort it at some stage. Once I have mo...

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The party bus was deployed and many songs were sung except for 'Velcro Balls'. The boulder wall in Belfast was the venue on Saturday This definitely capture how good the vibe was, plus its my favorite pic.  The route which ended me. I pulled something in my...

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I wanted to lay out the processes of onsighting that I go
through (more for my own nostalgia) in the hopes it might provide influence or
entertainment to someone who reads my thoughts. Onsighting is the dogs
bollocks. To take a quote ‘you get the feeling of...
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