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Jesus Boy =D
Jesus Boy =D

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this would be soo sick to try! especially for those that think they can run fast! ha

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hahaha I want one =P

Used to holla at the dames/
,Now im saved so I hollow be thy name//
Lol that verse in a song cracks me up ha

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This woulda been SOOOO cool to have for halloween! =D I kinda want it just for everyday! hahaha

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Dubstep is starting to grow on me... freekin Jessie T_T

Zelda Dubstep! Zelda Theme Dubstep Mix By Symbiz

Lecrae -- Jesus Music Dubstep -- Jesus Muzik (Dubstep Remix) - Karac.wmv

Index middle Homie peace ;)

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PSHH I KNOW I KNOW I'M A GEEK but this is soooooo awesome hahaha

he made the sounds by using the drive head to produce the sound and just changed the frequency oh how fast the head moves thus creating different pitches of sound! lol

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Hahahaha awesome advice... AWESOME Web Comic
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