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4 secret beauty recipes Beauty from the inside out
Beauty Recipe: Brown Sugar Body Scrub +
Milk = Add the right amount of brown sugar in milk , regular consumption
can soften and exfoliates the skin surface , the equivalent of natural body
scrub . ( Beauty Recipe: y...

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Nine kinds of magical fruit beauty methods
Still eat fruits and drink fruit juice ?
Then you are out of . In addition to eating and drinking , you can not think of
fruit as well as a variety of beauty and health effects , for example, you can
use pomegranate juice instead of water mask with avocado ...

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Woman eating these foods more beautiful (5)
Breast food 1 , soybean Soy foods increase breast health boost. Because soybeans and food
processing made ​​ from soy contains isoflavones , this
substance can reduce estrogen levels in the female body , reduce breast
discomfort . If you eat two meals a day...

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Woman eating these foods more beautiful (4)
5 Antioxidant model : nuts    Rich in vitamin E, nuts ( cashews, walnuts,
hazelnuts, peanuts , etc. ) in addition to have antioxidant functions, but also
to repair skin tissue , but also because nuts contain high fat , if taken in
excess , not only have cau...

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Woman eating these foods more beautiful (3)
Dark Circles food Anti-aging foods    1 Antioxidant model : tomato    "Time Magazine " voted out of the 10
kinds of antioxidant food among the strongest firepower to deal with anti-aging
weapon is tomatoes. This is because tomatoes are rich in lycopene , an...

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Dark Circles food Eggs, sesame seeds , carrots and other five
foods that can make you buy expensive luxury because of the province , and
" bleeding " , just to increase their intake in the diet , and dark
circles can make you easy to say byebye! ◆ eggs As t...

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Woman eating these foods more beautiful (1)
1 , pumpkin seeds eliminate acne Nutrition experts say that pumpkin seeds are acne nemesis, because
it is rich in zinc. The latest professional journals "Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology" found that
people generally lack the president acne zin...

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In the summer, has been shrinking fat
tissue structure, the winter active again, if you do not take effective control
measures, the degree of obesity is likely to increase. 1 , melon Melon contains a variety of vitamins ,
proteins and minerals needed by the...

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7 things often do make vessel youth
Irregular habits, overeating alcoholic,
wishful to diet, lack of exercise smokers , due to the pressure and continuous
sleep ...... entangled in chaos, arteriosclerosis come quietly , maybe one day
it burst stroke or myocardial infarction and were killed .....

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