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Star Search Toastmasters Fremont - Speech no 6

Hooo Humm ... 

(Title inspired by movie 'Wolf of Wall Strret' - re-recorded at home as technical glitch didn't allow real presentation to be recorded completely)

My investigation of how wall street really works (or rips people off) and how 'buy and hold' is perhaps the best strategy for small, medium and large investors.

Do take a look at the presentation, do your own research.

I dont guarantee 100% factual correctness and I have nothing to do with any of the organizations I am talking about. It was purely out of my own investigation through internet and books for my own investment strategy formation.

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Toastmaster Ice breaker - 1st speech

I want the pictures n videos i have taken using my nexus 5 camera to be deleted from device to free up space. How can i do some setting so that this happens automatically?

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