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Nanette Bradford
Reading should take you to that perfect place where nothing else matters..
Reading should take you to that perfect place where nothing else matters..

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You've probably seen the video on Facebook, about the author event that got cancelled and the authors not getting their money back:

Janet Wallace, the incredible creator of UTOPiA says: Any author OR attendee who emails us their ticket or receipt from the cancelled event (Richmond's Readers Rehab ) is welcome at #UTOPIA2016 free of charge.

Feel free to spread the word!

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TAXI by +Cambria Hebert
A Take It Off series STANDALONE
Genre: Romantic suspense

Cover Design by Mae I Design and Photography
Photography: K Keeton Designs
Models: James Freeman and Kerrigan Arnold

About TAXI:
The meter is running…
One night as Rose Crawford steps out of a bar, she gives no second thought to lifting her hand to signal for a cab. After all, it’s the responsible thing to do.
A common occurrence.
Far safer than walking several blocks, alone, in the dark.
A familiar-looking yellow taxi with black, faux-leather seats, running meter on the dash, and a smiling driver pulls up to the curb.
Rose slides in. Gives the driver her address…
But she never reaches her destination.
Instead, she finds herself captive, at the will of a man who isn’t a driver, but a bona fide psychopath.
Trapped in a taxi she can’t escape, Rose begins to panic. As the miles between her and safety grow, hope dwindles. It isn’t until someone else joins her in captivity that her spark of hope is rekindled.
Derek is strong, capable, and surely together they can fight their way to freedom.
Then Rose finds out exactly why she’s been driven into hell. Derek may be an unwilling captive, but he isn’t going to help her.
In fact, he’s there to do the exact opposite.

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Cover Reveal & Pre-Order Pink Shades of Words 2016 Anthology. All proceeds go to Avon Walk for Breast Cancer!
Only available for purchase til 5/31/16.

Pink Shades of Words is a collaboration of 8 never before seen short stories from 8 New York Times, USA Today, and International Bestselling Authors. These authors came together to bring you a collection of romance that is a must read including New Adult, Contemporary, Erotica, and Dark Romance.

Let’s Pretend by Ruth Clampett
Mr. X by Cambria Hebert
Indemnity by K.A. Author KA Hunter
Escaping the Cocoon by Jade C. Jamison
Hard Luck by Liv Morris
Filthy Rich (Blackstone DYNASTY 1) by Raine Miller
The Decoy by Emma Nichols
Book Boyfriend by Melanie Shawn

Pre-Order Now:

#BreastCancerAwareness #F*ckCancer #LimitedEdition #PreOrderNow #PinkShades2016
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Teaser for The Chosen Knights

Release Date: 3/22: Next Tuesday and Wednesday ONLY.. $.99.

I climbed on top of huge boulders and jumped from tree to tree to distract the demons. However, it was no use as there were endless numbers of them.
“Everyone, find Milani or me right now.” Eli ordered. “You have five seconds. I’m getting us out of here. Five—four—”
Zach, where are you? I spoke to him through my mind as I pierced a demon with the silver light and then jabbed another to my left with my bow. Who are you close to?
I’m close to Milani. Don’t worry about me. I’ve got Jack. Uncle Davin and Brody are with me. Meet you back home, Zach answered telepathically.
I slid down the tree the way Jack rode his surfboard, with my arms spread out and one leg in front. Just as I landed, Eli went through several trees to reach me. He and I continued to kill several on either side of us. Eli managed to reach me and grabbed my hand, shouting, “ONE!”

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The Best I Could
Cover art by Cora Graphics
Genre: New adult contemporary romance
Release date: March 28, 2016.

Synopsis :

I met Eli Lockston on the roof of a hospital the day my father died. He was smoking a cigarette, and I was lost. It was an abysmal beginning.

It was the start of something huge.


“Oh, my God!” I exhaled, my hands covering my face. “This is stupid.” I sagged farther into the tree. My body knew exactly how bizarre this was, but my tongue didn’t know when to stop. It just kept going. “It’s funny,” I whispered. “I kind of feel like PAC-Man right now, like this ravenous yellow dot stuck in a maze trying to survive life while avoiding the ghosts.”

“Are you going to cry?” he asked me out of nowhere.

I glared. “No.”

Reaching out, he took me by the shoulders, tugged my body away from the tree, and released me. “Come with me.”

Like death hooking his bony finger, beckoning for me to follow.

I obeyed because I’m a lunatic.

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<3<3<3 New Release <3<3<3

A Crush on Her Best Friend's Brother, Part 2

Amazon -

Amazon UK -

Rachel left for school before Brad had a chance to see her. She couldn't face him after their hot encounter the night before. If she got away from him, she knew she would be able to get back to normal and forget about what they had done. That was exactly what she needed.

Brad had other plans. He began to call and text her each night, and she found herself looking forward to their talks.

How was she going to get him out her mind if they kept talking and flirting with each other?

Was he playing games with her, or had he really changed?

One month later, she was going home for Christmas and had no idea what he was going to say or do. Her best friend was his sister, and that made everything so much harder. She didn't want Karen to find out that she had lost her virginity to him.

When Brad showed up to pick her up at the airport, she knew she was in trouble. He wasn't going to make the week easy for her.

What would Rachel do when her best friend requested that she go on a double date with her?

How would Brad react?

Would Rachel be able to get through the week and back to school with her heart intact and neither of their families finding out about what happened between them?

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Michael and Claudia’s decision to move back to Crossroads was to keep their children safe, but they can’t escape who they are. Their children, Zachary and Lucia, were destined to be demon hunters—Venators. From the age they were able to hold a sword, they w...

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COVER REVEAL Please Share!
Maneater by Cambria Hebert 
Release Date: March 25, 2016

PRE-ORDER NOW for a special price of $0.99 
Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon AU
BN: Coming soon
Kobo: Coming soon
*soon as links are live I'll update the post
About Maneater
Watch out, girls. Here she comes.
There’s always that girl. She’s popular, beautiful, and has everything together. The one with the perfectly teased hair, arms full of colorful (but coordinated) bangles, and expertly painted bright-pink lips.
A teacher’s pet. Daddy’s girl.
Everyone loves her.
Because everyone is afraid to challenge her.
Kelly Ross is that girl. She uses her powers of popularity for good… her own good. She doesn’t care who she hurts.
She always gets what she wants.
Including your man.
When she walks down the hallway in her hot-pink heels and ruffled denim miniskirt, all the boys’ heads turn. And all the girls start whispering.
There hasn’t been a single guy Kelly hasn’t been able to chew up and spit out.
Until now.
Kelly has finally met her match. He’s been there all along, and he’s the exact opposite of everything you’d expect.

**Maneater is part of the Love in the 80's Remix series. It is a STANDALONE NOVELLA and can be read on its own.

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*****COVER REVEAL*****

<3 Sharing is Caring <3

Title: Frequency
Author: Casey Bond
Genre: YA Paranormal
Cover Designer: Cover Me Darling
Model: Model Nathan D. Weller
Expected Release Date: April 11, 2016
Hosted by: Lady Amber's Reviews & PR

When the Infected attacked, something horrific happened to Porschia Grant. Porschia in Frenzy was scary; Porschia with hallucinations is terrifying. There has to be a reason, and there must be a cure for the episodes refusing to release her from their tentacles of insanity.
Saul is in the center of the city surrounded by secrets–some are damning, some are eye opening—others might just offer hope and be worth fighting for. How can a person justify the possibility of infecting another human being? What might the humans and night-walkers lose if he doesn’t take the chance?
The decisions made, and the lies uncovered, will shock everyone in and around Blackwater, and they just might spark a revolution.
Everything emits a sound… and hunger is deafening… horrible.

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