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I suspect G+ will start to get a lot more interesting once (or...*gulp* if) FB friends start making the transition. And it'll be a lot easier to manage.
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But think of it this way: with the circles, you can sift them away and never have to think of them again! xD
What if you want to change some of them settings though? Like unblock certain things for a little while, like a status update or an album, or your wall etc? There is no way to do that without going into your privacy settings and mucking around a bit and then remembering to put those checks and balances back into place later. With G+, it just lets you do all that directly when you're writing your status update / creating an album. It's more intuitive. Both might do the same thing, but one's easier to manage than the other :P
What if you want to adjust that WITHIN those lists. My God, bundi, why aren't you getting it? What if your lists CHANGE? Yeesh. Buss. I'm tired of this discussion. If you don't get it now, tough. :P
I shall refrain from commenting and starting this argument again. I have my views, you have yours. +Maryam Piracha
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