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Cortile Gallery hosts one of the largest and most diverse collections of original contemporary local artwork along with the works of regional and international artists.
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Mark Dieterich

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In Spanish, the mark over the "u" in the word "vergüenza" is called a diaeresis. Which I always thought was just a really bizzaro translation of umlaut. Now I know better.
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Mark Dieterich

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Ordered mine already
Google unveiled the Chromecast today, a tiny, $35 gadget that may transform how your phone and PC connect to your TV:
Google took the wraps off of the Chromecast today, a tiny thumb drive-sized stick with an HDMI port on one end that's Wi-Fi enabled and designed to make it simple to push video from your home network, smartphone, or the web right to your TV screen.
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Oh yeah if you use netflix or a service like that youre golden. I DL from less reputable places that won't be officially supported so I can have the file on my desktop computer, hit some buttons, and it will play on the tv. If the program I use to keep track of all those DLs integrates with chromecast, I would be so happy. 
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Mark Dieterich

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What a cool Idea. I signed up to see what it's about. Might get a few records, then cancel. Not sure I could afford a whole year
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Mark Dieterich

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Mark Dieterich

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I love punny things
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Mark Dieterich

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Mark Dieterich

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New graphic t-shirts released weekly. Awesome new designs submitted and rated by the Threadless community.
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I'm a graphic designer living in a small town outside Philadelphia with my newly wed wife. I am passionate about design and music. I long for summer when I can surf and sail as much as possible at the jersey shore.
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