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I want YOU to take ME to San Francisco to see Dave Matthews Band! You have until August 14th for a chance to take you and a friend on this amazing trip!

Hey All, getting the page closer to where I'd like it. Would appreciate the help - you can vote once each day until September 20th!

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Just installed Lion! So far I'm loving the aesthetics, still need to really mess around with it.

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Google+ is an Outpost, Not a Home Base

Just to keep pointing this out: do not move to Google+, if you want to own a piece of Internet real estate that you hope will have some kind of value for you over time. Value can equal whatever you want it to equal.

Google+ is an outpost, meaning a place where you can go, communicate, use great tools to make interesting connections and learn new things.

But it's not your home base, a place that you can alter and edit and make into whatever you need it to be, a place where you can add and subtract tools and features as needed.

Throwing away your primary website or blog so that you can have more engagement on Google+ is like moving into a hotel room and thinking that you've got a great thing going.

Silly Putty. Passes time. No battery limit. Take that electronics. 

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The line to just get into comic con (except hall H) has gotten more extreme from last year. Would post a picture, but the line has started to it would make it look like I was lying. I'll let you use you imagination.

Hey all, if you're at SDCC check your local feed for the public posts. Hell, make a comic con me one post and it's already proving useful.

First official day of comic con and already had my badge rip off sometime last night. Anyone know what to do about lost badges?

Just jumped on the cool kid wagon - starting using Alfred App. The custom searches just made me giddy with excitement. Go check it out... now.
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