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Information on breast cancer for both Girls & Guys
Information on breast cancer for both Girls & Guys

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Well here I am still trying to work out how to have more than one photo in the cover/header of this page?

A recent email to YAP asking:
 "Is anybody out there taking Exemestane 25g after Breast surgery on men its playing havoc with me pain in lower gut if so how long will it last'"
Can you help with the answer for this guy??

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Yesterday we had a school teacher from South Africa contact us to see how he could be involved with and each day/week there is someone else from somewhere in the world that wants to connect and help us educate all young females and male in breast cancer awareness. Some good people out there hey!

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Through we receive many emails from males and females asking questions about breast cancer. If they are not medical questions we answer through knowledge provided by YAP breast cancer survivors, male and female. If they are medical questions we then research  medical websites through Google that have the answers the person is seeking and then forward the links to them.
Sometimes the questions are very personal and about chemo or other drugs that breast cancer survivors take. If we don't have the answer we advise this is the case but always research and try and find some information that may assist.
Does all of this keep us busy on a daily basis - Yep sure does and how great is that!!!

Interesting to see from the recently released SBS 2011 Census QuickStats that out of 21,507,717 population in Australia has a target audience of 41% = 8,724,674 females and males. No wonder we get so many hits and emails!! Great stuff.

Lately we have been getting lots of emails from India and it appears our website is very active over there as Google Analytics show India as our number one visitor at the moment.
The main country varies, depending I suppose on where there is a lot of media action - no matter to us, we are happy to be out there and be available to those young people who want to know more about breast cancer awareness.

Was just doing some 'male breast cancer' research and found this, which blew me away!

As Reported By Benjamin Woods from KSL Utah in July 2011
Hogle Zoo's male orangutan undergoes 2nd surgery for breast cancer
SALT LAKE CITY —  After having two cancerous masses removed from his chest in May, 21 year-old Eli underwent more surgery Tuesday to remove all traces of potentially cancerous tissue from his body.

Eli is a 200-pound orangutan who lives at Utah's Hogle Zoo.

Interesting article in Detroit Free Press 5th June by reporter Liz Szabo USA Today " New research shows that girls treated with radiation for pediatric tumors face a later risk of breast cancer that's six to seven times as high as that of other women. About 24% of women treated with chest radiation for any childhood cancer develop breast cancer by age 50. About 30% of women diagnosed as children with Hodgkin’s lymphoma — a disease treated with higher doses of chest radiation — develop breast cancer by age 50, according to a study to be presented today in Chicago at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology"
Everyday we hear something new other than a cure! Hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later.

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Just read an article about 27 year old Danije la Hugley who after a mastectomy for breast cancer has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and trying to spend time with her 3 year old daughter hoping she will not only remember her, but remember her well not sick. Danijie said the first couple of medical professionals she saw said she was to young to have breast cancer! Sad as this story is it is the perfect example why exists - we know younger people can get breast cancer!

Hard to know these days what is good and what is bad about breast cancer! Every few days we get information that says what you should or should not eat; loosing some weight make cut breast cancer risk;avoid herbal treatment and it just goes on and on - Why is it with all the funds though out the world that goes to breast cancer research a cure cannot be found YET we can fly to the moon?
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