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Michael Rees
Linking the crowd with the cloud
Linking the crowd with the cloud

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Switched from Evernote to OneNote, happy so far
Evernote since 2008 I have been an Evernote user since 2008 and a paying premium member for almost as long. Recent sharp price rises have forced me to adopt OneNote. These are my experiences so far. Prior to 2008 I was a really early adopter of OneNote and ...

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Wrote my first computer program 50 years ago this week
Now that July 2016 is here it is time to celebrate my half century as a computer programmer. Back in 1966 I was a 19-year old second year undergraduate at Birmingham University studying applied maths. In order to be close to my soon to be wife I took a summ...

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An embarrassing surfeit of forward
I celebrate 50 years of computer use this year. In all that time of dealing with computer character sets I am my fellow computer users have been using the word 'slash' for the '/' character, technically a solidus , and a very ancient character from ancient ...

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Liquid foods
At Barcamp Gold Coast this morning I attended a talk about liquid food typified by the well-known solvent. When your nutrition is in balance there is a perceptible increase in your physical feeling of wellbeing which leads to a more contented life. The spea...

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Sharing my mobile phone experience

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Breaking the Apple/Telstra Nexus
Like many of my friends and colleagues over the last 7 years I used iPhones 3, 4 and 5 on Telstra 24-month plans with varying upfront payments. iPhones 3 and 4 suffered from the barely tolerable intermittent home button problem and iPhone 5 from the increas...

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'Far from environments of intellectual ferment and debate, too many traditional institutions of higher learning have become dens of groupthink where straying outside the lines in terms of thought and language can draw censure and penalty.'


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A logo update
This is part of my personal history with only a small connection to the Cloud, but readers might find some interest if only to parallel their own experiences of logo creation. In the early 90s I created a personal logo with a drawing program whose name is l...

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An informative post for all Chromies 
3 ways to make a Chromebook feel more like a PC:
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